30 Journeys

30 Journeys

The games in this collection are long and exciting adventures. We really want you to feel immersed in these incredible worlds and sceneries and feel a connection to them, we think of you as a traveler on a fascinating journey that you will want to take multiple times, delving deeper into each corner and aspect of these worlds.

‘30’ denotes the size, since all of the games of this collection have boxes as big as 30x30 cm, that are like coffers containing amazing components of all sorts that will give you an immersive feeling.

30 Journeys Games

Tang Garden

A Zen-like euro game where players shape an Imperial garden by creating the landscape,  placing miniature decorations and vertical panoramas.
Scenery BuildingTile PlacementCard DraftingMiniature PlacementSight Scoring


Iwari is an abstract-like euro game where players represent different tribes; traveling and expanding settlements in a strategy game of majorities.
Area InfluenceCard DraftingRoute BuildingHand Management

Darwin's Journey
Darwin’s Journey

Retracing Darwin’s journey to the Galapagos in an exciting Worker Placement adventure by Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone.
ContractsPoint to Point MovementSet CollectionTurn Order: Stat-BasedWorker Placement, Different Worker TypesVariable Setup