Asmodee USA announces Thundergryph Games Exclusive distribution partnership

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Roseville, MN – March 16, 2021. Asmodee USA announced their exclusive English distribution partnership with Thundergryph Games, allowing retailers, families, and experienced tabletop fans access to their library of titles throughout 2021.

Starting in 2016 as a team of five, Thundergryph Games has created memorable games that are designed to last the test of time for a wide audience. Games like Tang Garden, Spirits of the Forest and Iwari are highly regarded by strategic board game players. While other games, like Hats and Rolling Ranch, have found their place at home on family tabletops around the world. Moreover, Thundergryph Games’ upcoming Matchbox Collection is an innovation that offers portable, rich gaming experiences that can be played solitaire or with others in 20 minutes. 

Many of Thundergryph Games’ titles focus on the natural world, and they are committed to protecting the environment through a partnership with Trees for the Future. Together, they have planted over 100,000 trees that provide families with sustainable food sources and a 400% increase in their annual income.

“Asmodee shares Thundergryph Game’s commitment to growing relationships and connecting family and friends, one game at a time,” said Andre Kieren, Head of USA Distribution. “Our team is looking forward to sharing their imaginative line of games with our retail partners.”

“Asmodee has given us the warmest welcome as our new English distribution partner, and we already feel like part of the family,” commented Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, Founder and President of Thundergryph Games. “This important relationship will help us grow professionally as a board game publisher. We are extremely excited to unveil our plans for 2021 together."

Thundergryph Games’ titles will become available throughout 2021, including the highly anticipated Darwin’s Journey that just completed a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign.

About Asmodee USA Distribution 

Asmodee USA Distribution is a sales, marketing, and distribution arm of the global Asmodee Group, a leading international company dedicated to bringing great games and amazing stories to all corners of the world. Asmodee USA Distribution represents the strongest portfolio of board games in the industry, including such favorite titles as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Spot It!, Pandemic, Just One, Dixit, X-Wing™, Dead of Winter, and many more. 

About Thundergryph Games

Thundergryph Games is a board game publisher with the aim of creating games that are immersive experiences which bring together friends and families. The key to their titles is a polished and well tested product that is engaging and curated with passion and extreme care for the art direction. Thundergryph is built around a strong community of board game lovers that allow the company to shape their games and a future together.

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