Buy Spirits of the Forest, plant a tree.

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ThunderGryph is partnering with Trees for the Future to plant one tree per game sold in 2018.

Over the last 40 years entire Countries have been stripped of their primary natural resource: trees. Most of the deforestation around the world has occurred to make room for agriculture, yet in the coming decade there will be two billion undernourished people. There is a constant pressure to trade more forest in exchange for food.

We believe in the power of the trees.

Planting trees provides families with more than just food. It provides income, empowerment, unity, leadership, education and it even saves lives. When we can teach people to value themselves and their environment, they see amazing improvements in their standard of living.

Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, president of ThunderGryph Games states: “We truly believe Nature is the most breathtaking manifestation of art and we want 2018 to be a year to celebrate this wild and incredible thing. Working with wood is one of the most satisfying experiences of creating a game and by planting a tree per game sold, we will ensure to give back to Nature more than what we take to shape our dreams”

With an initial donation of 10’000 trees, ThunderGryph is partnering with Trees for the Future to plant one tree per game sold in 2018. All trees planting work will be conducted by Trees for the Future.

John Leary, Executive Director, Trees for the Future states: “Trees for the Future is thrilled to partner with ThunderGryph Games to plant a tree for every game sold starting in 2018. We applaud Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, President of ThunderGryph Games, for his commitment to give back to the planet through our mission: to end hunger and poverty by ending the root causes of deforestation. We wish ThunderGryph Games great success in their upcoming launch and look forward to planting trees and changing lives together!”

ThunderGryph plans on releasing three different games with strong attachments to Nature:

Spirits of the Forest transports the players into a charming world where little Spirits represent the most elemental and beautiful elements of Nature.

Tang Garden will bring a new Zen-like experience where players will shape together a classical Chinese Garden with an ever-changing panorama that embraces the time flow of Nature.

Etherstone takes place in a planet that is near extinction. The Hurrians faction wants to protect the legacy of the Nature while the choices of humankind keep pushing technological progress by depleting Nature of the most fundamental resources of the planet.

Trees for the Future will not only plants trees, but will help lives by doing it.

Planning: Farmers learn to plan for their family’s future by discovering how planting 4000 trees with food crops will help them make more money, grow more food and build a sustainable future.

Stabilization: Farmers learn to plant rows of nitrogen fixing trees in and along borders of their degraded land to protect the field from pests and stop erosion.

Diversification: Farmers learn to plant over 12 types of fruit trees and vegetables to meet market opportunities and the nutritional needs of their families.

Benefits: Forest Gardens give families significant increases in income, more paydays, more nutritious food to eat, security from risks related to markets, pests, and extreme weather, free alternatives to pesticides and fertilizers, feed for livestock, and fuel (wood) to cook.

You can also directly support the cause by donating or help plant 50 trees by purchasing the book One Shot: Trees as Our Last Chance for Survival, by John Leary. For more information visit 

About ThunderGryph Games

ThunderGryph Games is a European board game publisher dedicated to bring engaging and entertaining board games with great quality gameplay and production value to the market. While the company is in its first year, four games have been developed including, Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons with planned releases in 2018 alongside five new titles coming later next year. To know more about ThunderGryph Games, please visit

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Gert Breugelmans

Beautiful article … really beautiful!!!

Good to read there are more people on this earth who don’t only care for profit. But also want a healthy environment and breathing planet for all species.

Keep up the good work!!!


kickstarterでspirits of forest retail バーションをたのみましたが、住所などを登録する


I asked for the spirits of forest retail version with kickstarter, but register the address etc.
Mail does not arrive. Sorry to trouble you but send me an email.


ふぃじたーさん、もしメールまだもらえませんでした、自分で、 に 確認のメールをたのむことができます。

Mas asimismo se venden como juguetes para pequeños.

Roberto Olano

Solicito los extrad de tangs garden

Roberto Olano

Solicito el arbol de tang garden gracias

Roberto olano sabater

Solicito el arbol de tang garden gracias


Bonjour, je souhaite recevoir l’abricotier avec mon ks deluxe mais je ne sais pas si c’est le bon endroit pour le demander. Merci par avance!

Buongiorno, vorrei ricevere l’albicocco con il mio ks ma non so se è il posto giusto per chiederlo. Grazie in anticipo!


Bonjour Je viens pour demander marbre avec mon ks deluxe merci

Pedro Dominguez Escudero


Stefan Buntenbach

This is a very great idea for a great game, buy more to make the planet greener


This is a great initiative. Any way to find out where these trees are being planted?


This is an extremely awesome article! I’m so intrigued while understanding it. It will assist us with having a solid climate and a healthy environment.