ThunderGryph Games Journal – May 2019

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Hello everyone! In this Journal Gon will be talking about what we are working on and how we structure our development process. We would love to hear from you what you think about this kind of Journals in our comment section over the website. Feel free to join the discussion over there. Hope you will enjoy the read. A year really … Read More

ThunderGryph Games Journal – April 2019

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As you can see, this Journal came one week later because we wanted to wait just a little bit longer to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with you! We have prepared something special for this Journal. Enjoy! We know three years is not that much, but we really feel it has been forever! Creating boardgame experiences is one of the best … Read More

ThunderGryph Games Journal – March 2019

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In this journal, we will talk about Tang Garden, the launch of Iwari on Kickstarter and the release of Rolling Ranch. Hope you will enjoy the read! If you subcribe to the newsletter, at the end of each email, you will find a clickable wax seal. Feel free to click it to redeem it. Once you gather 10, you will … Read More

ThunderGryph Games Journal – February 2019

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By taking inspiration from our fellow friend Jamey Stegmaier, we want to be more informative and entertaining in the way you receive our newsletters. Introducing the ThunderGryph Games Journal: a monthly newsletter that will brief you about the status of our current games and give you more insight about what’s to come! You can expect to receive our Journal on the first … Read More