It's another early morning on the ranch. You wake up and climb out of bed like any normal day, only to find the sun is already over the horizon.... Wait, the sun is already rising?... The clock shows 8 am! You should already be completing the day's chores by now. What happened to the rooster?

You leave your house to check, but as soon as you step out, you see the devastation across the ranch. Overnight, a storm destroyed the ranch's fences and the animals fled! You must recover them.

Hopefully they haven't gone too far. Now, you must set out to repair the fences and retrieve them from the nearby forest.


With a pencil and a Ranch Sheet, each round players use the results of a dice roll to rescue animals and improve their ranch. Each player attempts to place animals in their ranch the best way possible, and construct buildings to receive bonuses that will help them achieve the highest score.

Everyone plays at the same time! Who will rescue the most animals and be the most successful rancher?

Game Designer: Jordy Adan | Illustrations: Weberson Santiago



The game will pre-release at Spiel Essen 2018 and will be published at the end of the year.

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Each round, one player rolls both dice and each player simultaneously chooses one of three actions:

1. Rescue the animal shown on the BLUE die by drawing it in a hexagonal pen space on their Ranch Sheet matching the number shown on the YELLOW die.

2. Rescue the animal shown on the YELLOW die by drawing it in a hexagonal pen space on their Ranch Sheet matching the number shown on the BLUE die.

3. Collect all the resources shown in the upper right corner of both dice and record them on the Ranch Sheet by filling in the corresponding shapes. (For more information on buildings please read our rulebook!)

When drawing an animal in a pen space, players may choose to drawn simple shapes to represent animals on their Ranch Sheet ( = Chicken,  = Pig,   ⃞   = Cow).

After all players have performed an action, check for breeding. If both dice show a heart on the lower right corner, each pair of animals in the same pen will breed and players will be able to draw an additional animal of the same type in the pen. Start the next round by rolling both dice.



If the pen is filled with animals of the same type (ignoring buildings), the player counts the number of animals in the pen and checks the number of points awarded of that animal type on the table.

If the pen is filled with animals of different types, score points equal to the number of animals in that pen.


Rolling Ranch have three types of buildings.

The Barn will give a boost during the game whenever two equal numbers appear on the dice. Like for example, getting a single material or a chicken in any hexagonal space desired.

The Warehouse will give one shot abilities boost during the game and in addition, at the end of the game, each unused warehouse bonus will be worth 1 point.

The Greenhouse will give 5/12/20 points at the end of the game depending on the number of greenhouses the player has built.


At the beginning of the game, each player receives a secret Mission Card that provides a pair of unique objectives for the player to accomplish.

If the player achieves the requirements of an objective, he receives the points shown on it.

These are three of the fifteen missions included in the box.

Have ten or more pigs on the player’s Ranch Sheet.

Have eight or more cows on the player’s Ranch Sheet.

Have six or more buildings on the player’s Ranch Sheet.

End of Game

The game ends at the end of the round in which one player has filled all the pen spaces on their Ranch Sheet. Players will count their points based on animals in both completed and uncompleted pens, buildings and mission cards.

In case of a tie, the player who triggered the end of the game is the winner. If there is still a tie, the player with the most buildings is the winner. Otherwise, all tied players share the victory.


To try Rolling Ranch you can download our print and play and use the web-app to roll the dice!
The digital versions for Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia are coming soon!


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  1. For these roll and write games, I’m surprised they haven’t been provided a more sustainable alternative (e.g. dry erase marker and laminated boards). Has this been considered?

  2. I’m looking forward to adding this to my board game collection because I don’t usually play roll and write games.

  3. Looks Great! The only small criticism: Why isn’t it Dry Erase Boards? Otherwise i’m looking forward to Essen to give this a Go!

  4. Dry erase boards would be nice but that adds extra cost. People can laminate the paper sheets on their own; that’s what I do with all my roll and write games. Can’t wait to play this one!

  5. This looks like a lot of fun. Have you thought about a simple app to reproduce the ranch paper deck? Good for the environment and provides endless playability

  6. This looks really neat…but can’t try the print & play w/o dice! 🙁 The web roll app is buggy and doesn’t work. >.< Looks fun though…

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