GateOnGames will distribute ThunderGryph Games titles in Italy

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Rome, 27th March 2017

ThunderGryph Games is pleased to announce the partnership with GateOnGames to bring ThunderGryph’s Games Catalog into the Italian market until 2019.

GateOnGames has an incredible experience dealing with online sales and distribution of boardgames in Italy and this new collaboration brings great opportunities to make ThunderGryph’s Games known in the Italian market.

GateOnGames will offer localized games at the same time as the Global English version launches and will include any special exclusives and promos during pre-order.

This is the first exclusive partnership for ThunderGryph’s complete games catalog and the right step into company’s Vision to expand itself into the European market.

If you are interested in signing a distribution deal for our games please reach out to


New exclusive agreement for Italy – – GateOnGames & ThunderGryph Games

GateOnGames acquire three-year exclusive rights in localization of “ThunderGryph Games” products, a new Spanish publisher already known for the success of its first two games on Kickstarter: Overseers and Tao Long.

ThunderGryph Games is a publisher that entered in the European market recently, proposing technical high quality products and a simple but clever game design. Two features that go perfectly with the GateOnGames philosophy, that led to the signing of an exclusive agreement for the entire cataloguntil 2019.

Thanks to this agreement, all ThunderGryph Games products will be fully published in Italian by the GateOnGames and distributed to the public and to the shops from platform. It’s a pleasure to inform you that through the portal you’ll also have access to all the kickstarter exclusives and all stretch goals accrued by the respective product launch campaigns at
the same price of international release.

During Modena Play 2017 ThunderGryph Games will join the staff of GateOnGames to present Overseers to the public at the stand B18 (pavilion B). You’ll have the chance to buy the last copies of the Deluxe Edition with the attached Regulation in Italian and redeem a coupon that will give access to the entire Italian Overseers material that will be released with the next reprint during the year. An opportunity that cannot be missed!

It is also rapidly approaching the Italian edition of Tao Long, which will be released on the Italian and European market at the same time. More information in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!

We sincerely hope you’ll have a great time and renew our invitation to meet us in Modena Play 2017
pavilion B, stand B18!

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