While you are waiting on the game, we really want you to get familiar with the rules to enjoy Tang Garden, even more, when you receive it. As soon as you get more familiar with all the miniatures and different strategies, there is a wonderful moment where you will start looking at the game differently on each match depending on the initial configuration.

Welcome to our first Tang Garden Scenario Event! Up until February 10th you will be able to play Tang Garden digitally either on Tabletop Simuator or Tabletopia and upload your score on this page to help planting trees and even get a gift if you are a backer!


you have gathered
coins in total

UpdaTES every day at noon GMT

Multiple games can be logged in for the same player.
All points will be considered for the total, but just the highest score for the rank.


Use only fifteen tiles of each type, but make sure you have all three Temple tiles among the Tao tiles that will be used.

Special rule: Before revealing new tiles because someone chose to place a decoration in the previous turn, place one coin next to each stack with a tile still face-up. If a player later chooses a tile, they also take the coin next to that tile while the rest of the coins remain in place. As the game progresses a tile could end up with more than one coin, in which case the player can pick all the coins next to that tile when choosing it.

Decorations: All the decorations from the base game and the golden age expansion;

Characters: Place the Merchant back in the box, then add Herbalist, Gardener, Princess, Musician, Tao Priest and Emissary.

Lanterns: Five tiles choice, Double decoration, Character move, Character/landscape choice. Special rule: When you draw decorations, always draw one more card (three plus the number of hidden tiles).

Special scoring rule: If a character sees four decorations in their line of sight, it has a +2 coin bonus. Characters with one herb token still on their card are worth +1 coin at the end of the game.

Be sure to upload the screenshot of your match by clicking "Send your Scores" button above.

At the end of the event we will reward the top scores. By joining the event you are also helping planting trees!


Character Skill: Once per turn, the player may place one of his three herbs tokens on the card of another character in play or any characther available in the reserve to use his ability until the end of the turn. The player can skip a turn to recover the used tokens, however, if a herb token is not recovered with this action it will remain on the card until the end of the game.

Sight Preference: Gain five coins for each garden tile with a temple in the Herbalist’s line of sight.



The event is over. Thank you very much for all your support!