ThunderGryph Games Journal – August 2019

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In this issue of our Journal, we will talk about collecting board games and update you with the recent news about our game development. Hope you will enjoy the read!

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While we are focusing our efforts on Tang Garden and Iwari, we feel that the catalog is growing and as part of our vision as a publishing company, we are finally categorizing our games into collections, something I wanted to do for a long time. 
I’m excited to explore with you all of our different lines of games in each Journal.

The main idea behind categorizing our games is creating collections of titles that share a vibe of gameplay while exploring different settings and mechanisms. Our main goal was to be consistent with the box layout and its size while moving away from an incremental numbering system. We want you to be able to collect all the games that you want to have without the feeling of missing out on the complete collection if you don’t like a particular title.

Recently we announced the line Made in Wonderland with Hats as the first title of the collection, but this time around I would like to talk about the one that started it all: Play & Go.

thundergryph ago journal play and go

Play & Go is meant to be portable, fast and simple to explain. That’s our main vision for this collection. The first title that started the collection was Pot de Vin, our trick-taking card game, followed by Spirits of the Forest and Rolling Ranch (that was recently released at GenCon alongside Hats).

We plan to publish one Play & Go title per year. We are also trying to keep the suggested retail price even among each title which is the most challenging part. In fact, with Made in Wonderland we were clear that having a consistent price wouldn’t be possible, but given the fact that the box designs in this collection are made of book-like boxes, it will be easier to perceive its price based on how thick the box is. The more pages, the slightly higher price.

thundergryph ago journal hats and tuned pages

Creating cohesion between the different titles is one of the things I enjoy most about working in this industry. I would love to know your thoughts about board game collections in the comment section down below.


Rolling Ranch

  • Last month we published the Solo Mode of Rolling Ranch in the rulebook section of our website.
  • The stamps are finally available in our web store! There is nothing better than Roll & Stamp. Guaranteed!
  • We will soon reveal a little something we have been working on for Rolling Ranch to be released at Spiel Essen 2019.


  • Hats was released at GenCon 2019 and we sold out in less than two days! We want to thank everyone that came to say hi at the Meeple Source booth. I had the pleasure to talk to many of you. Thank you for all your excitement and kind words.
  • Hats is now available in both Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator for you to try. Make sure you visit our discord channel in case you were looking for players.
  • Fulfillment should begin this week in the USA and Canada, while Europe along other territories coming very soon after that.

Tang Garden


  • Last week we did an update with news about production, the complete list of Expedition cards and a new gift based on the last Quest.


    • We had a pre-production issue with the minis that needed a further revision. While the game is ready to be produced, we are holding it to Q2 of 2020 (UKGE, Origins).

    Moonlight & Stormbound

    • We are working on the game layout for both titles and we expect to have more information the closer we get to Essen. Both of these titles will have a Kickstarter campaign in 2020.


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    In each Journal, there is always a special code for a discount or a gift in our online shop. Moreover, each month you will be able to collect a seal. Once you gather 10, you will receive a new message with a small gift from us for all your support!

    Feel free to comment or ask any questions on this page!

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    Cláudio Santos

    First time receiving this monthly journal… really nice! 👌😁


    Collections can be cool, but I was attracted by Tao Long and since that year no more games from you, just HATS was cool but maybe 2020 will be fitting to my expectations.

    Burtram Anton

    Congratulations on selling out of Hats !!

    I’m excited to see what the next ‘Made in Wonderland’ title will be 😀


    Thanks for all the updates! Everything sounds wonderful!


    Do you have a link to watch how that Doubloons game is played?

    Simon Rippin

    Cant wait to see the lines developed. I have to say that I would not consider spirits of the forest a play and go game. It needs quite a bit of space to layout the tiles. Card games are, obviously, and I would suggest games like mint tin apocalypse and skullduggery, dice of crowns/pirates and zombie dice etc are play and go because the ‘arenas’ can be quite small. As Spirits is in the same size box as Tao Long, I view them together. Could almost be a ‘Zen’ category was there is a mystical feel to the pair as… Read more »


    Hello guys, thanks for all the news regarding your games. I was wondering if you will be in Essen in October, as I rather meet you there and buy Hats there while you explain to me how to play it 🙂
    Yes, I am lazy and I’m okay with that!

    Let us know. Thanks.


    Thanks for the updates

    Carly H.

    I like the idea of collections & am curious to see where you go with it. As a far since the beginning, I’m so thrilled to see your growth as a company! I look forward to learning more about Stormbound, Tuned, & (esp.) Moonlight as they progress! 💗


    Great journal! Just a pity that we will not have Tuned at Essen…
    The retail release for stormbound and moonlight seem to be wrong… if the ks is in 2020 it is hard to believe that the release date will be Q1 and Q2 2020