ThunderGryph Games Journal – February 2019

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By taking inspiration from our fellow friend Jamey Stegmaier, we want to be more informative and entertaining in the way you receive our newsletters.

Introducing the ThunderGryph Games Journal: a monthly newsletter that will brief you about the status of our current games and give you more insight about what’s to come!

You can expect to receive our Journal on the first Wednesday of each month.

If you subcribe to the newsletter, at the end of each email, you will find a clickable wax seal. Feel free to click it to redeem it. Once you gather 10, you will receive a new message from us with a small token of appreciation as our gift for supporting us! Hope you will enjoy the read.


A couple of weeks ago we announced Iwari, our next title hitting Kickstarter on March 5th.

Iwari is an abstract-like euro game where players represent different tribes who endeavor to define their identity by traveling and expanding settlements into five different types of regions in a strategy game of majorities.

You can find more information about Iwari in our teaser site. By subscribing to know when Iwari goes live on Kickstarter, you will get a limited edition metal score tracker and rules to use it as a small expansion if you back the game.

Additionally, we will make a donation to support the Jimmy Nelson Foundation photography expeditions that promote positive visibility and appreciation for indigenous cultures.

Discover Iwari


Tang Garden

  • In our latest kickstarter update, we show the final look of the Pavilion and the wooden pieces of our deluxe edition.
  • In the past update, we revealed our road map using a simple info-graphic with all the important details, and we show the final look of the miniatures.

Rolling ranch

  • Fulfillment of all our pre-orders will happen during the month of February.
  • You will be able to buy Rolling Ranch with a 5€ shipping over our online shop one month in advance on March 1st.
  • Rolling Ranch is hitting retail in April 2019 worldwide.


Overseers, our first title, is going into our Vault. While we are pleased with the result of the title, we need to allocate our budget to our newest releases. Overseers won’t be available in retail anymore and the last copies will be available exclusively through our online shop.

For 7 days by using the code: VAULT you can get 20% off Overseers Deluxe Edition (which includes the collector’s metal coin and the cotton bag) and free shipping over the entire order.

Overseers Deluxe - ThunderGryph Vault


The only way to access our Seals is by subscribing to the Journal over here.

Each month you will be able to collect a seal. Once you gather 10, you will receive a new message with a small gift from us for all your support!

Feel free to comment or ask any questions on this page!

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Heath B Smith

Hi, Brand New. Curious about Iwari of course but that led to questions about Survival and Stormbound. Am I missing where to find information on these two titles? Glad to have discovered your site and looking forward to more info on Iwari and other games. Cheers.


Wow Nice (^.^)


So if we added Rolling Ranch to our Tang Garden pledges theyll be shipping this month seperately of Tang Garden?