ThunderGryph Games Journal – July 2019

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Summer is here, and while playing games beside a chimney it’s such a nice moment, we believe that small portables games are always included in our backpacks when we go around. In this journal, we will explore a bit more of our latest release and update you on all the important things regarding the development of the games we are working on.



Man Vs Meeple did a livestream of Hats on their youtube channel.
Kira & Ryan compete to acquire the most outstanding hats! Who will be declared the maddest?

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We also have recently sent a wonderland kits to the press personalities you follow. We will be updating our Hats page soon with video reviews, articles and other interesting links!

Inside the Box

hats inside the box

In Hats, two to four players compete to acquire the most outstanding hats by exchanging their cards in hand with cards on the tea table board. Each card exchange influences how each hat is scored. Naturally, at the end of the game, the player with the highest score will be declared the maddest!

Game Designer: Gabriele Bubola | Illustrations: Paolo Voto

The incredible Hat

thundergryph incredible hats gift

A bit less than one month ago, we announced Hats with a small twist on the promo we were giving to all our pre-orders. The incredible hat was created based on the most suggested words by the community: Fishbowl, turtle, sloth, unicorn, teapot.

We are 2 weeks away from closing pre-orders for Hats. Shipping cost for pre-orders from our online shop for USA and EU is fixed at 5€!

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Tang Garden

  • Recently we did an update on Kickstarter for Tang Garden where we show some modifications to the components based on your suggestions.
  • In a few days, we will post a new unscheduled update with rulebooks and translations along with the final miniatures for Golden Age and Ghost Stories.


  • Exciting times for Iwari! We recently showed the final look of the Totems and revealed the first gift for the success of Quest #2: Iwari plastic insert! Be sure to follow our updates and join the games to unlock new features for the game.


  • Hats is finally traveling by sea. We had a small production hiccup that was resolved as quickly as possible. We are moving the shipping date by a week: 15th August. Thank you for your patience.


  • We are finally done with this title. That means is time for pre-production. This will be our second title of the Made in Wonderland series and we will reveal more information closer to Spiel Essen!


  • A new title revealed in our public roadmap! Deep down inside the forest, there is something really special waiting for you. Moonlight will be our first Kickstarter launch of 2020 and if you are a Spirits of the Forest fan, we are sure you will love it!


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