ThunderGryph Games Journal – June 2019

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A lot of things happened during the past month and we have some news to share with you, but, this Journal is special, today we are launching the first title of a new line of which we are really excited to work on! Hope you will enjoy the read.


"There is a place like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which, luckily, I am." 
- The Mad Hatter


We are so excited to introduce a new line of games called 
Made in Wonderland.

All of the titles published under this line will have a book-like magnetic cover and strong reference to fables and fairy tales we all know and love.

This line will be exclusive to distribution and will pre-release at conventions like GenCon and Spiel Essen.

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In Hats, two to four players compete to acquire the most outstanding hats by exchanging their cards in hand with cards on the tea table board. Each card exchange influences how each hat is scored. Naturally, at the end of the game, the player with the highest score will be declared the maddest!

Game Designer: Gabriele Bubola | Illustrations: Paolo Voto

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This year we are partnering with our friends at Meeple Source to show and sell our games at GenCon. You will be able to find us in Booth 2919.

Meeple Source also opened their GenCon pick-up orders today, with special promos for Hats, Rolling Ranch and Spirits of the Forest. Quantities are limited.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Tang Garden

  • Recently we have been working on the logistics of the box. We will explain more of the process we went through for arranging the components in our next update, but the box will end up being 325x325x100mm. It fits your precious Kallax shelves.
  • We are now working on the final cuts for the punch-outs and the rulebooks. We are still on track with our end of production in July.
  • In our latest update, we showed the pictures of the Golden Age and Ghost Stories miniatures and possible Pantone colors.
  • A few days ago we did a live-stream for the finalists of the Herbalist Event. If you are curious to know more about how scenarios work and how to play the game, Gon, Luis and Francesco were commenting on this beautiful final, with insight over the choices and strategy. You can head over Twitch to watch it.


  • We have a production follow up for Iwari in Update #20. We have a new format to show what we are working on during pre-production. Quest #2 is also live with already amazing results from the community! A gift is coming in the next update!


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Each month you will be able to collect a seal. Once you gather 10, you will receive a new message with a small gift from us for all your support!

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