ThunderGryph Games Journal – April 2019

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As you can see, this Journal came one week later because we wanted to wait just a little bit longer to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with you!

We have prepared something special for this Journal. Enjoy!


thundergryph games 3rd anniversary

We know three years is not that much, but we really feel it has been forever! Creating boardgame experiences is one of the best jobs in the world and we can’t thank you enough for all your support towards our titles.

You will be able to find an overview of our past and future plans for the year in a new section of our website we’ve called “the Studio”, you can even find all our team roster! We are so excited to finally have those out!

This fourth year we want to improve our team structure and we already feel that the team is starting to run much more smoothly because of it. The most important thing is making sure the production structure of the game is solid before committing to launching a campaign. We also would like to focus on our logistics management to time better both KS and retail releases.

Meet the team


Tang Garden

  • In our latest update (#38) we showed the masters for the miniatures and we started a survey for a change in the wooden cubes. Be sure to read it and vote if you are interested!
  • A live stream is planned for this Saturday, April 13th at 21:00 GMT+2 where Gon and Francesco will play a game of Tang Garden: Ghost Stories. You can follow us on Twitch to be notified.


  • Yesterday we posted our first post-campaign update, and it was so exciting! We show both the first samples for wood and plastic.


  • Today we started pre-production for this title! We are quite pleased with the development. We will keep it secret for a bit more since it will be a surprise release!


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Each month you will be able to collect a seal. Once you gather 10, you will receive a new message with a small gift from us for all your support!

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