ThunderGryph Games Journal – May 2019

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Hello everyone!

In this Journal Gon will be talking about what we are working on and how we structure our development process. We would love to hear from you what you think about this kind of Journals in our comment section over the website. Feel free to join the discussion over there.

Hope you will enjoy the read.


A year really flies by without knowing. We always need to plan the releases of the games way ahead of time, but development is unpredictable so we need to adapt as much as possible while learning from our mistakes. Development time normally ranges between 6 and 18 months, depending on many different factors: like how polished the game is, how much time we take to create the world and find the right components for the game.

Last year we launched two different campaigns on Kickstarter: Spirits of the Forest and Tang Garden, and we managed to fulfill Spirits of the Forest in 2018. Rolling Ranch was also supposed to be ready before Christmas, but because of complications with the manufacturing process and the organization with our localization partners we missed the deadline.

This year we really wanted to improve as a team to present more games that are still being developed with the same dedication and love towards the creative process.

While Tang Garden is our absolute priority, we still plan on releasing two different retail products and one more Kickstarter campaign.


Hats was something we wanted to make as if it was for Kickstarter without going through crowdfunding. It is part of a new line of games based on Fables that will be directly distributed in retail and pre-released at major conventions.

I found the game by being a judge over a bi-annual contest held in Italy called "Premio Archimede". I really felt that we could do something special with it. This collection has definitely more weight in terms of complexity and we are happy to be able to experiment with it. We love brain-burner moments!

One of the nights during the event I called our game editor and managed to explain the game to him in 3 minutes. He printed templates and started playing right away.

The game was signed in October 2018 and we immediately started working on it. Paolo Voto, our in house illustrator understood that the idea with this title was having fun while making something a bit different from what we are used to.


The overall vibe of the game reminds of a tea time mad experience with the Hatter, but each card has so many different references and hidden easter eggs from other known fables that we can't wait for you to find.

Gameplay wise, we really felt free to develop and explore the different ways to get points.

For example, one of the mechanics involves a cookie that rewards the player with the most variety of different hats. The cookie goes around the table as if it was the only edible thing left in Wonderland!

I don't want to spoil Hats too much since the announcement is meant to happen at the end of this month, but I can't wait for you to try it and let us know what you think about it.


Tang Garden
  • Recently in a Twitch stream we played Tang Garden: Ghost Stories with the special scenario Uninvited Guest. It was really an awesome game! If you are interested to watch it, visit our Twitch page.
  • In our latest update we have shown the resistance of the pavilion and the metal coins. Lots of pictures to see in Update #40
  • We are excited to be going so fast with Iwari. In our latest update we show the new colors for the tents and all the different metal pieces. A new surprise also awaits!
  • Hats is already under production. This should be our GenCon release for the year. Hopefully, everything will go as planned. We will release more information about the title on May 29th.
  • We are finally working on the layout for the game. We can say that the only thing you will be playing with is poker chips. We can't wait to start revealing our plans for the game.
  • Tuned is a new project we are working as an Essen release. This will be our second title in the Fables line and it is joining our public pipeline today.


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Can’t wait for Tang Garden! It looks beautiful.

Burtram Anton

Hats has me intrigued and I am looking forward to see all the nods & references to the beloved fables that many people have heard growing up over the years…


Really excited for Tang Garden and Iwari. Just noticing the first projects in the final stages leading up to crowdfunding, and excited to see what more you have up your sleeves.

Javier G.

Thank you you much for your communications. I truly love this kind of journals and I expect them every moth.
Communicate whit us just not only give us a perspective of how much costs to develop a game, also that shows how the company is trying hard to continue. Moreover, it creates a great hype to know about the new games, jajaja.

I’m so happy to see that hats will be available for the Iwari pledge manager.

Cris Tridello

Thanks for this news. I’ll looking forward for Hats

Luke Cardellino

Where is the status tracker for the Tao Long Red Pearl Expansion?

Todd Suesz

One of the best, if not the best, update that actually arrives regularly, and has important and thoughtful information for your customers. We gamers can be very patient (even thought it may kill is to wait!) as long as the communication is there. Your new “Hats” game sounds interesting, will be sure to check back on the 29th. Also anxiously awaiting Tang Garden! I am pretty sure that will become one of my all time favorite games! I also would like to thank you for recognizing the support of your previous backers, with the Metal Totem for Iwari, as a… Read more »

Paul T.

I also like the sound of Hats and would love to know more. I own Tao Long and am looking forward to both Tang Garden and Iwari when they are both ready. Keep up the good work and remember, Communication is everything. 🙂


Can’t wait for Tang Garden!! All the great Kickstarter updates have me itchin’ to play 🙂

Richard Jones



I am very much interested in hearing more about “Hats”! I am a big Wonderland fan, so with that in mind, you’ve peeked my interest!


So pumped for Iwari!


UKGE coming at the end of this month – is Tang Garden going to feature? I’d love to see it in the flesh! The wait is killing me, hahahaa.

Charles Pritchard

I am volunteering at the ukge and can’t see thundergryph games on the exhibitors list.

Marco Boschetto

I really love this Journal, previews and development diary. I like that every month I can have the news about ThunderGryph in my email. I follow similar newsletters like stonemaier and I like this one more but would be cool to have more titles in the table even if they are at the beginning of development (maybe you can use codenames). I know that many things can change but would be nice to see what else is in the queue… In general, I always like to know what is coming next. I have to say that at the beginning I… Read more »

Presley Cheshire

I’m really looking forward to Tang Garden. One of the most cleaver, beautiful games I have ever seen.
My daughter is going to drive the 800+ miles North to Bellingham, Washington from Oakland, California just to play it after I give her the call that it has arrived!! Anticipation!! 😃

Shacked Rosenthal

Thank you for being communicative and letting us know where everything stands 😁

M. Franckenstein

Can‘t wait for Tang Garden. Pledged via KS. Take your time to develop a good game 🙂

Dan Lawson

I am kind of unclear on how to collect seals but I am beyond exacted to play Tang Garden when it is ready!

Matt Trowsdale

So stoked for Tang Garden! Aaaagh! The wait is killing me!
Also me: ooo – new games coming…

Simon Rippin

Hats sounds fun. I know you are pre-releasing at cons, how about a chance to pre order for Kickstarter backers, purely for selfish ‘me first’ reasons. Love Tao Long and Spirits of the Forest and cant wait for Tang Garden and Iwari, well done.

Nickolis Strafford

I am so happy to hear we will be able to add this to our pledge.