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Dear Journal readers,

I hope this message finds you well!

The last quarter of every year is always full of interesting meetings to prepare everything for the upcoming year. Our work on both Tang Garden and Iwari is done and now it's time for our team members, responsible for logistics, to work intensively. We are all incredibly excited for you to receive one, if not both, of our latest creations coming to you at the beginning of next year.

It has been a while since we have launched a Kickstarter. Following our vision, we haven't launched any new campaign while having two titles in production, but we have been planning our next launch.

This journal update is all about: time, how we spend it, how we manage it, and our plans for the future. Regarding your time instead, we are really grateful to you for spending your time reading this newsletter since we started it, in February.



In the last Journal update, I talked about how we live in a world that keeps changing frantically due to how fast communication travels nowadays, and for the same reason, we are always running around without having the time to explain.

Like Roald Dahl wrote: “Life is more fun if you play games”, no matter how frantic life can be, we always carve out at least some minutes for ourselves.

During the past year, I’ve found myself playing games that I could sit down and play during a small time frame and I’ve noticed that my gaming habits have changed from time to time depending on life itself.

I started sharing this feeling with the team back in 2018 and, as usual, we ended up discussing what would it be to publish a game that had a small time commitment and how easy would it be to make it happen.

When we started building up the concept, our main vision was: short moments of fun. Being able to set up a game on any table and to have 20 minutes of fun by yourself or along with others.
We had a blast working on them. With a narrower development time, it was interesting choosing the designs, working on all the game editing along with the designers and give much more freedom to our artists.

After a year, we ended up with five games we are really excited about! All of these are part of the Matchbox collection, that we will reveal next month with its full line-up.

matchbox collection logo



thundergryph tickets

You have been reading these journal updates and collecting your seals month by month by clicking the seal at the bottom of each email. Here is the surprise you will get for achieving 10 seals!

If you have been following us for a while, you must already know that from time to time we have sold or gave away one of our tickets. Here are the different types of tickets you could see in future contests and raffles.

Golden Ticket: Access to all of our games for free, for life.

Silver Ticket: Access to all of our games for free, for a solar year.

In this Journal we are introducing a new type of ticket, that you will be able to get with 10 seals: the Mini-expansion ticket!

Starting in 2020, we will release a set of mini-expansions for the games you've liked the most.

Here is a small teaser of the first mini-expansion we will release:

rolling ranch hay there

Rolling Ranch "Hay there!" (Designed by: Pierpaolo Paoletti / Illustrated by: Weberson Santiago) is a mini-expansion that can be added to Rolling Ranch base game to allow you to play with a third die! These will add more combos and interesting mechanisms to more experienced players.

If you are not interested in expansions, we will offer more ways to redeem your seals in the near future.

If you already collected 10 seals, you will be able to redeem it immediately in Q1 2020.



Tang Garden
  • In our latest update (#49), we talked about meeting you at Spiel and we showed the final plastic insert.
  • We are on time with the estimated time of delivery: January 2020.
  • In our latest update (#26), we showed photos of all the printed components (boards, rules and cards).
  • We recently had a live stream where four of our backers played one of the Void maps. It was a very interesting match, full of great twists. If you are curious to see how it works and how our backers felt about it, make sure to see the full video on our twitch channel.
  • We are on time with the estimated time of delivery: January 2020.
Matchbox Collection
  • We were secretly working on them, but we can finally add these five new titles to our public pipeline! We will reveal more about them in our next Journal.

thundergryph journal nov 2019 - progress table 1



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