Presenting 5 euro-games, part of our new Matchbox Collection.
All games have been created along Italian authors and the illustrators that you have already seen in our previous titles. Each game has its own identity, slide the matchbox and play in just 20 minutes with cards and small bits that will make the whole experience so satisfying!
[Boxes size: 12x8x5cm]


Thank you to

Our pre-campaign for the Matchbox collection is over. Thank you to the more than 2600 collectors that requested to be notified of our Kickstarter launch.

Our Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 3rd at 3:00pm GMT+1 (9:00am EST).

Discover the games

Set CollectionHand Management

Natural phenomena have had an odd behaviour lately, seasons seem to have been disrupted and animals are migrating in the wrong direction.
The 24 East Asian traditional solar terms are out of sync.

Your seasons must find their alignment so the sun can find its route again and set the order right among all living things.

In 15 days, players will take alternating turns. Each turn choose 2 out of 4 possible actions, trying to receive the  animals pawns for special abilities and completing sets of Season cards for the most points at the end of the game.

Design by Francesco Testini | Illustrations by Cinyee Chiu

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

15 Days Rules - Matchbox Collection

Hand ManagementSolo/Solitaire GameVictory Points as a ResourceEvent

Menace is approaching you. There seems to be a way out, but as a Samurai your first move is to reach for your weapons. Your basic instincts to run and hide have dissolved since the only option left is to fight for your honour.
You are a rock and will hold tight, fighting the opponents face to face, using your weapons until the the very end.

Eiyo is a fast paced game where you need to strategically manage your weapons to defeat hordes of enemies. You will need to survive the attacks while gaining honour points that will be crucial at the end of the game.

Design by Andrea Sbragia | Illustrations by Mateusz Mizak

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Eiyo - Matchbox Collection

Take ThatPush Your LuckHand Management

After relentless days spent diluting solvents and heating liquid mixtures in vials, the air is damp, while the old and overused books stored in the library of your laboratory smell of humidity and dust. The end of the day is approaching and you have just found the perfect transmutation. You decide to stay a little longer, but you know the candles will stay on until they consume completely.

Rebis is a 1–4 player game. To win, you have to play your alchemistic ingredients wisely in order to brew the best elixirs and find the right time to brew them to get the most points.

Design by Gaetano Cavallaro | Illustrations by Paolo Voto

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Rebis - Matchbox Collection

Set CollectionAbstract StrategyHand Management

The multiverse has spoiled you given the vastness of incredible places and creatures to meet and observe. You smell spices from miles away, your pores dilate, your gills tickle and your three stomachs are growling like an echoing symphony. You get to the source of the tasty fumes faster than a ray of light, your taste buds start working as a glowing sign shows up on the horizon: “Serving succulent food and spicy, quenching potions during satellite setting hours.”

Space Lunch is a 1-2 players, short, set-collection game. To win, you need to grab your preferred dishes before it’s too late by choosing Food cards from the table. However, beware! Your opponent might interfere with your plans.

Design by Simona Greco and Marco Rava |
Illustrations by Natalie Dombois

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Space Lunch - Matchbox Collection

Card DraftingSet Collection

The new surface of Earth is at its most bleak appearance. It may seem completely infertile and arid, but on the horizon promising mountains of mud and clay arise higher and higher. Golems, the magical mutable creatures, are being summoned with synergies among the resources of the earth.

Golems is a card collection game where you can use every card in two different ways. You have to decide whether you want to boost your Golem for victory points or save the resource to summon further Golems.
With the use of Gems and special Runes you will be able to maximize your strategy to become the best Golem summoner.

Design by Francesco Testini | Illustrations by Sergio Chaves

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Golems - Matchbox Collection

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Ricky Duong

Wow, the artwork is great! I will go all-in <3

Carly H.

I’m so excited for this!! 15 Days is exactly the theme & type of game I love!! 😄💙

Mirko Gotcha

I really want to have all of them on my collection.


Any Thundergryph kickstarter is an instabuy 🙂

Mattias R

A collector’s dream, really nice artwork!


What is the anticipated price per game, post-Kickstarter?

Nicholas Cole

I could use some quick play games at my table. Very interested


Will surely check this out! I loved Hats and these ones seem pretty as well!

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you Andrea!

Ben Boese

When you say match box… what size do you mean?

Brad Taylor

Box size is 12cm x 8cm x 5cm

Tod Wood

This looks really interesting. What are the dimensions of the matchboxes?

Brad Taylor

Box size is 12cm x 8cm x 5cm

Adam Phelps

Love the artwork.


Gracias, es lo único que puedo decir. Absolutamente emocionado con vuestros juegos.


These look beautiful, but I’d love something else in the images to show scale. Always looking for new, portable games to take on the road.

Jan Welke

I’m buying a new pair of cargo pants for these!


Great idea, looking forward to see the full collection


This looks great! Can’t wait for the Kickstarter!

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you very much for your message and your support!

Rasmus West

Great idea with the match box games. Probably an instant back from me 🙂

Luke G.

I have a lot of games and don’t need more, but I sometimes make exceptions for games that are short, all ages, and don’t take up much space… So I’m keeping an eye on this.


Great idea for travellers

Stephen Saluga

I think Space Lunch and Eiyo look the most intriguing to me!

Andrea sbragia (eiyo designer)

Thank you

James M.

Looks interesting. Any word yet on pricing or how many games support solo play? Thanks!

Francesco Testini

Hello James, thanks for your message. All the five games support solo play. The pricing will be a big suprise!

Kory Dondzila

A collection of small games is great.


Seems amazing


This looks amazing. Those will be perfect on our game nights.

Franzi S

Looks very intriguing – will definitely check it out


Amazing artwork ! I will go all-in to !
Do you know if it will be possible to take Iwari Deluxe in the pledge of this KS of matchboxes? I stupidly passed my turn and I’m sorry.

Angelica Lazary

Wow! Can’t wait to see the campaign!

Paul Beck

Great looking games, looking forward to learning more.

Joshua Lawson

These look fantastic!

Mark P

15 Days looks very nice. Lite games like these are so much easier to get to the table than the 2-3 hour big games.

Luke Murthwaite

Love the idea of these little games and can’t wait to find out more 🙂

Andrew Knight

You keep waiting for more Thundergryph games and then 5 come along all at once. Happy days!


Intrigued to see how all the games differ

Como siempre un gran trabajo. Estoy dentro

Monique Lebhar

Fingers are crossed for these! My shelves are already full of Thundergryph games, so I need these to keep it going!


So excited for 15 Days!

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you Kate!


These look awesome. Great art too. And I know I’m always looking for a game I can toss into my bag for a quick time killer when I’m out. These look perfect.

Monique Lebhar

I sure hope these ARE tiny boxes because all your games are an instaback for me (and all those Tang Garden and Iwari boxes are going to take up a lot of S P A C E !! 🙂 )


oh, my poor wallet…


Short games for our Boardgame-Team – Super Nice 🙂


Really curious about these. I will be checking out the Kickstarter.


Seems to bridge the gap between micro games from places like Button Shy and the Tiny Epic series. These look great for impromptu play; Tiny Epic games tend to be really fiddly and aren’t great for spaces that are less game friendly like bars.


Hi! Your project looks very cool!
Usually the ThunderGryph are too much over-produced and I can’t afford them in the end, I hope these ones will be more price-friendly in this regard!
Thanks for making these games,

Lee Altpeter

Looking forward to checking these out.


These games look really fun. I can’t wait to play Tang Garden.

Matej Hocevar

great idea, fantastic art

Tina B.

I enjoy the games and the attention to detail you guys put in your games. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this matchbook collection.

Teresa Larraya

I love everything about this, this looks like an insta-back all-in for me! It´s small games (I love card games specially) that play in 20 minutes with the beautiful artwork and components Thundergryph is famous for, yay! And I appreciate the detail you always include in each KS campaign for your loyal followers, great! : ) Maybe there will even be additional rewards for returning backers and early bird backers like it happened with Iwari (one can dream).

Andrea Sbragia

Andrea here, eiyo designer. Thank all of you for your kind comments. It is a pleasure to be in this collection, thundergryph is a place to call home. Hope you will enjoy the ride

Nacho del Sol

I hope you are considering a retailer pledge!! 😉