Presenting 5 euro-games, part of our new Matchbox Collection.
All games have been created along Italian authors and the illustrators that you have already seen in our previous titles. Each game has its own identity, slide the matchbox and play in just 20 minutes with cards and small bits that will make the whole experience so satisfying!
[Boxes size: 12x8x5cm]


Thank you to

Our pre-campaign for the Matchbox collection is over. Thank you to the more than 2600 collectors that requested to be notified of our Kickstarter launch.

Our Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 3rd at 3:00pm GMT+1 (9:00am EST).

Discover the games

Set CollectionHand Management

Natural phenomena have had an odd behaviour lately, seasons seem to have been disrupted and animals are migrating in the wrong direction.
The 24 East Asian traditional solar terms are out of sync.

Your seasons must find their alignment so the sun can find its route again and set the order right among all living things.

In 15 days, players will take alternating turns. Each turn choose 2 out of 4 possible actions, trying to receive the  animals pawns for special abilities and completing sets of Season cards for the most points at the end of the game.

Design by Francesco Testini | Illustrations by Cinyee Chiu

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

15 Days Rules - Matchbox Collection

Hand ManagementSolo/Solitaire GameVictory Points as a ResourceEvent

Menace is approaching you. There seems to be a way out, but as a Samurai your first move is to reach for your weapons. Your basic instincts to run and hide have dissolved since the only option left is to fight for your honour.
You are a rock and will hold tight, fighting the opponents face to face, using your weapons until the the very end.

Eiyo is a fast paced game where you need to strategically manage your weapons to defeat hordes of enemies. You will need to survive the attacks while gaining honour points that will be crucial at the end of the game.

Design by Andrea Sbragia | Illustrations by Mateusz Mizak

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Eiyo - Matchbox Collection

Take ThatPush Your LuckHand Management

After relentless days spent diluting solvents and heating liquid mixtures in vials, the air is damp, while the old and overused books stored in the library of your laboratory smell of humidity and dust. The end of the day is approaching and you have just found the perfect transmutation. You decide to stay a little longer, but you know the candles will stay on until they consume completely.

Rebis is a 1–4 player game. To win, you have to play your alchemistic ingredients wisely in order to brew the best elixirs and find the right time to brew them to get the most points.

Design by Gaetano Cavallaro | Illustrations by Paolo Voto

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Rebis - Matchbox Collection

Set CollectionAbstract StrategyHand Management

The multiverse has spoiled you given the vastness of incredible places and creatures to meet and observe. You smell spices from miles away, your pores dilate, your gills tickle and your three stomachs are growling like an echoing symphony. You get to the source of the tasty fumes faster than a ray of light, your taste buds start working as a glowing sign shows up on the horizon: “Serving succulent food and spicy, quenching potions during satellite setting hours.”

Space Lunch is a 1-2 players, short, set-collection game. To win, you need to grab your preferred dishes before it’s too late by choosing Food cards from the table. However, beware! Your opponent might interfere with your plans.

Design by Simona Greco and Marco Rava |
Illustrations by Natalie Dombois

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Space Lunch - Matchbox Collection

Card DraftingSet Collection

The new surface of Earth is at its most bleak appearance. It may seem completely infertile and arid, but on the horizon promising mountains of mud and clay arise higher and higher. Golems, the magical mutable creatures, are being summoned with synergies among the resources of the earth.

Golems is a card collection game where you can use every card in two different ways. You have to decide whether you want to boost your Golem for victory points or save the resource to summon further Golems.
With the use of Gems and special Runes you will be able to maximize your strategy to become the best Golem summoner.

Design by Francesco Testini | Illustrations by Sergio Chaves

Inside the matchbox

Game Overview

Golems - Matchbox Collection

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Whoever wrote the rules for these games must have been drunk.. totally unclear, missing key informations. And we are talking about stupidly small games.


What happened to the rules?

Kate Bailey

Love the presentation and the game mats are stunning – could you tell me do you know the card sizes and amount for each game – I love to sleeve!!!

Jenny Citron

Hi. All the rules to the games take me to a 404 link from dropbox saying the files have been deleted. …Help? Can I get the rules anywhere else?


Hello, it seems the link to the Golems rule book does not work ?


These games have the worst written rules I’ve ever encountered. Please have someone competent rewrite them so that the games are actually playable


My collector set arrived today and….wow. I cannot wait to play these. The mats are great and the artwork is gorgeous.

Nathan Deeter

Just got my Matchbox Collection and am super excited to play! I got the stretch goal extras but the instructions don’t include these items. Are there updated instructions available?

Pere Mateu

Yesterday I received the games and they are beautiful. Despite this, I can’t find the translations of the rules and the links here are broken.

Pere Mateu

I found them!




Where? I can’t find them also…


For everyone else who is asking:


But what a quality. Unbelievable. Oh dear!
It is simply wonderful.

Is there a box of matchbox to store, Pot de vin, mini Forest Spirits retail, …?

Thank you Thundergryph Games.

Last edited 2 years ago by ANTONIO

Hi! I discovered the KS campaign too late. Is it possible to buy this Matchbox set anywhere? I’m loving the art and the themes, really want to play these little games.

Celard Alexandre

J’ai bien reçu les jeux trop content. Il y a une notice en français ?

Helmer Aslaksen

It is hard to judge from the pictures and videos, but to me, the colors for spring, summer and autumn in 15 days look very similar. The basic principle for color blind friendly design is to not distinguish just by color. All the numbers are placed inside a diamond. If instead you had used different figures for each season, there would have been no problem. I have studied Chinese, and written about the Chinese calendar, so I can tell the season from the Chinese name of the cards, but otherwise I would have had to mark the cards in order… Read more »

Helmer Aslaksen

It was pointed out on BGG that the corresponding animal is depicted on the card, so there is no problem. I hadn’t noticed that. Sorry about that. Problem solved.

Federico Finazzi

Sono qui in attesa, tra quanto parte?

Francesco Testini (Designer)


Cynthia Li

Lovely art 🙂

Mark Yeung

interesting games

Kang Hoi Yeung

Art work always great~

New Ng

art work so great!

Son Win

look forward to play~

Tomato Win

Great Art work!

Blake Whitaker

Definitely looking forward to this!! My wife is already completely in love!

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you for your support Blake!!


This gleam thing is rubbish. It doesn’t register any of the off site entries.


Just love the art – in a league of its own

Jason Toop

Looks fantastic! Can’t wait!

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you Jason, I’m sure you will love the gameplay of all five games!

Alice Walker

Very excited!


Will be translated into Spanish?

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Hola Alvaro, games are all language independent, rules will be also translated in spanish!


Can’t wait for the bundle!!

Diane Brockley

Your games look phenomenal! I can’t wait to play them.

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you Diane! All the games have simple rules, but offer a deep experience. Hope you will like them!

Emanuele Conti

Can’t wait these last days!
I though it was gonna go live on Monday, but I’ll have to wait Tuesday… Aaaargh! Can’t wait anymore! 😀

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Grazie Emanuele per il tuo supporto!

Travis R

I’m sad I missed out of Spirits of the Forest but glad I got Tang Garden. Can’t miss these gems!


Love the art. Will check if the gameplay is worth the pledge 😉

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Hello Thibaut, you can try the game on Tabletop Simulator and there will be gameplay reviews available in a few days, so you can have a look!

Kelly Vanhoof

This series looks great 🙂

Janos Lacza

Great collection, my favourites are 15 Days and Eiyo.

Andrea Sbragia (Eiyo designer)

thanks a lot janos! I am sure you will fall in love with all the collection 😀


I’m ready to go all-in for the art work alone. Amazing aesthetics. : )

Francesco Testini (Designer)

Thank you Justin, I hope you will love the gameplay too!

Mark Nutt

These look like amazing little games full of colorful art, creative mechanics & engaging game play.

Andrea Sbragia (eiyo game designer)

Thanks a lot!! We are near the kick off !!


Vamooooo vamoooooo

Andrea Sbragia (eiyo game designer)


Tim Jarta

Nice just what I am looking for! Can’t wait for the Kickstarter!

Andrea Sbragia (eiyo game designer)

We are so near the launhc !!


Awesome set!!!

Andrea Sbragia (eiyo game designer)

Thank you!!


Wow. This just really works for me 🙂


I am relatively new to euro games and more independent table top games, and I like the idea of having one or two in my pocket for when I want to share with others or just entertain myself! Very excited and looking forward to learning more.

Mattias Calling



Looking forward to it!


Have these games been thoroughly play tested? I think the games are absolutely beautiful. However, with that, I am concerned that the mechanics may not be there. Are the games dressed up, but at the core weak mechanically? The directions don’t convince me. Please tell me I’m wrong.

Andrea Sbragia (Eiyo designer)

Thanks Eric, it is indeed an interesting question and i see your point. The test for the games was on a daily base, we tested a lot, really a lot. I can speak more about my design and i can tell you that we tested in many ways and we had discussion about balance concerning many things and many levels in the game so the player can have different and growing experience for a wider time range than usual (considered the pocket size of the games we had to give “more” than just a couple of good plays to remember).… Read more »


Interesting concept

Aitor Paz Portela

Awesome desing and art, small size and solo mode. Just perfect!!!

Brian Conwell

What’s the price point?

Greg B.

These look beautiful, particularly 15 days. I love solo options!


I love the idea of of an overarching theme for a selection of games, so the idea of each game being kept to a small(ish) footprint feels like a solid idea.

Travis Morton

Somewhat splitting hairs, but Automa (Space Lunch) means a deck driven AI with actions shown by the cards. Usually simulating a player’s interactions
The AI here is just a Bot. It has a simple program without and external need of a separate deck

Jade Jones

Will the eta be more realistic for this Kickstarter?