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While playing more and more matches of Overseers, you may have notice all the different strategies and paths that you can take while drafting and displaying your cards.

There is plenty of information that is not in the rulebook but we would like to explain them since we consider it is very important to understand every intricate shade of the game.

Overseers abilities:

There are two very important aspects of the character abilities:

They are obligatory:

You must use your ability, and that’s why every Overseer is shown before drafting, so you will be able to accommodate your game to your character and try to mess other’s draft by deducing what they could be doing.

Overseers abilities affect only the player that got the card:

This is very important, every card in the game only affects the player who has them, so if someone steals a card you transformed they will get the original card and not the changed one.

The only exception of the later are the Wuming sisters since they are not obligatory per se, because there is a condition that could nullify your opportunity to use them, and they also affect everyone.

Finally, we would like to clarify Liang’s abilities. The card text shown: “In the scoring phase, the player of your choice will lose 1 point for each card in their combination”, but in the rulebook “In the scoring phase you can steal 4 points from the player of your choice”.

The original ability from the Japanese version was the first one, but we felt it was way too much “bashing the leader”. Sadly, we didn’t have the time to change the card, but we added the new ability on the rulebook. Feel free to play any of the two since both are balanced, but we recommend the latest.


As you already know this phase happens before counting the points at the end of the round. The player with most quantity of greed cards will be able to steal a card from another player.

The player with the most greed cards will be able to choose the player but not the card, which is extremely important.

Since all the cards will be already revealed you can see what each player could give you and make a better choice.

Points are hidden but shown when taking them.

People normally forget this and it is very important.

Every player has to verify that everyone picked the right ammount of points before hiding them so they can memorize it to see which player they should try to play against in the next round to get in the lead.

On top of that, people can lie about their points after they hide them, so a little late in the game if you didn’t pay attention you might not know how high your score is compared to others and other players might lie to coerce you to do whatever they want, information is key.

The tournament rules:

If you feel like playing an expert mode of the game, you can use these rules:

  • In the first round, distribute Overseers randomly as a normal game
  • Starting the 2nd round onwards, put on the table (PlayerNumber + 1) Overseers and starting from the lowest scoring player in the first round and following in order of victory points, each one will choose an Overseers
  • Play four rounds instead of three.

Ask us anytime!

Sometimes having unanswered questions bring frustration. Before you reach that point, feel free to ask us anytime. Just twit us @tgryphgames with the hashtag #Overseers, and we will reply promptly.
Have a great game, Overseers!

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Ricky Yde Herrig

Hi guys
Great little game but I do have two questions.
1. Meixui 3 extra points. Are they part of showdown and part if scoring fir determining who gets the leader card

2. Liang. Is this before or after tallying points. Meaning does it affect leader marker?