Overseers Second Print

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From the moment we hitted launch for the first time ever on Kickstarter until now, we are so excited and thankful that this game have been so well received by the board game community!

We have partnered with Greenbrier Games and PSI to bring Overseers into worldwide distribution starting April 2017, so from our side Overseers is officially sold out! 

We are starting a 2nd print for Overseers together with all these amazing companies to bring Overseers in five different languages for a production total of over 10’000 copies.

  • Igiari will publish Overseers in French,
  • Mandala Games in Portuguese,
  • Rebel PL in Polish,
  • Hobbygamemall in Korean,
  • GateOnGames in Italian

Jacky Huang is already working on an amazing expansion called Midnight, that will add more exciting mechanics to the game. We can’t wait to tell you more about it!

ThunderGryph Games will also attend GenCon and Essen 2017 this year to bring Overseers and our new titles of the year!


Thanks to all your great feedback we have changed the following features in this second print run.

  • We updated Liang with the ability: “In the scoring phase you can steal 4 points from the player of your choice”
  • We changed the colors of the metallic ink coins for the value of one and five.
  • We updated the rulebook with examples and important specifications on each phase based on your questions
  • The Virtues and Vices cards are now Linen without Spot UV
  • We applied Spot UV finish on the back of the box
  • The logo in the front box is now foil


Pre-Order for 24,90€
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