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Dan Reid

This is fun

Charles Pénisson

application apple

Charles Pénisson

application sur Apple

Sam Kwon

I have solved the both code, but I don’t understand why others are saying about whispers.
People here might have solved the previous code, so we know the context of it.
Should we have to apply it to this quest, too?

I think we need to do something about the second word which is emphasized.

Constantin Ciprian

your whisper is in the air now

Gary Howard

Your whisper is in the air now

Convard Dominique

I whisper something of green and the comment section is opened. Well, do I find the solution ?

Tom Dimitriou

Your whisper is in the air now


There was no wind, it’s all in the air, never changing, never truly responding, the same whether you whisper or shout.

Raphael Muto

The wind carried the sound!

Javier G.

Whispering outloud! The message has to go sooo far.

Pierre Conod

Hey i think i’have undertand
I translate the message but i’m not shure what i have to do with

Gavin Bowman

Shhh, not too quiet or you won’t be heard.

Gordon Reed Phillips

The wind whispers back