If you are receiving this email with a tracking information is because you are a backer in Europe, if you already received your package please disregard this email.

If you haven’t and your tracking information is displaying an error this email is for you, Asendia has sent us the corrected tracking information of a lot of packages and with the way Backerkit handles the import even people with the same tracking number will re-receive the shipping notice email.

If you are in Europe please use: Asendia, your post office website also works.

If you are in Germany please use: Hermes

Also, if you are in Germany and you haven’t received your parcel just yet, please verify 2 things, that the tracking number is still the same, and if it is, and it looks like it has been in the same place for a while, please call Hermes and ask them if the parcel has the delivery address in it.

If it isn’t please email jose@thundergryph.com with your tracking information

Emails sent to this address that has nothing to do with anything regarding shipping will be omitted, please use support@thundergryph.com and replacements@thundergryph.com for other inquiries, we are busy with the fulfillment and we know there are emails that have been sitting unanswered for days, but we will get to them.

Thank you.

– José Ortega