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Once an age, a mystical wind lifts the veil that separates the spiritual realm from our physical world. Whimsical seraphs, drawn to the vigor of an ancient forest, descend through the clouds, once again, to play their centennial game. This time, however, the moonlight beams reflecting on the foliage will draw the seraphs deep inside the forest, to get a glimpse of the unseen.
An enchanted world brightened by a gleam of moonlight  waits to be discovered.

Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight is an expansion for the base game that adds a scenario based 2-players co-op mode that can also be played in solitaire, and an alternative multiplayer variant that can be played up to four players.

Game Designers: Michael Schacht, Pierpaolo Paoletti | Illustrations: Natalie Dombois

  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Mockup
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
  • Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight Scenario
Moonlight Bit

Thanks for participating.


Moonlight Journal

Scenario Journal:

Experience the moonlight journey with different scenarios that will change the puzzle solving strategy. Take notes of your achievements and scores directly in the journal.

Nocturnal Creatures

Nocturnal Creatures:

These creatures will be a fundamental part of the game as their position in the Forest will decide which tiles you will get access to during your turn, and which moonlight bits you will be able to keep.

Moonlight Bits

Moonlight Bits:

These little creatures will primarily allow you to score points at the end of each scenario. The more you get, the more Spirits you will be able to get points from.

Moonlight Tiles

Moonlight Tiles:

This is a new type of tile that will be included in selected scenarios and in the multiplayer variant of Moonlight. Its rules will change depending on the scenario you are playing.

How to Play

Game Rulebook

Join us on Kickstarter: July 21st

Spirits of the Forest Deluxe and Moonlight Deluxe

The wooden Deluxe edition of Spirits of the Forest is coming back, for one last goodbye along with the Deluxe edition of Moonlight.

Moonlight Components

Help us unlock new scenarios, Moonlight bits and new unique components that will enhance your game experience.

  • Digital
  • Free to Play
  • Solo Player
  • Multiplayer
Coming soon on Google Play
Coming soon on App Store

Visit our campaign on the launch date to discover Spirits of the Forest digital and help us improve it by unlocking new additional features. Free for everyone to download immediately with asynchronous multiplayer and the solitaire mode you know and love.

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Chris Reynolds

I just found out about this game 2days late from Jamey Stegmaiers video—will I be able to access a pledge manager to purchase? Thank you!


I think I will have to join this campaign – the production quality is off the charts.


Love this game and was so sad that I found it after the fancy wooden version was unavailable. An chance to get it now is great.


Already told you on Facebook what I think about your campaign after I asked about if the Moonlight expansion would get a collector’s edition along getting a chance to get the collector’s edition for the base game along with it (Which I was pleasently surprised that you quickly replied back that I should be able) Again, I just want to say good luck with your campaign and that you’re able to get all your intended bells and whistles of stretch goals 😊

godlief wesley

Great filler game. but need to have better production for not duluxe version


I’m here for the meeples!!!


Happy to know more !!!!

Claire Rochelmeyer

Looking forward to adding this to my shelf


The art for this is absolutely beautiful!


I’ve never played the original, but this all looks fantastic!


Wow look super interesting i crave for it


Looking forward to the KS, this looks awesome!

Trev OR

My wife loves Spirits of the Forest. She’s excited for an expansion.

Alivia Vella

I can’t wait!!!


Love this game and the artwork; very excited for the expansion.


very excited to add this to my base game


Awesome, can’t wait to see what the KS campaign will unveil !

Corey W

Excited for this to go live!

Travis R

Another beautiful game from Thundergyrph.


One of the most beautiful games in my collection!


looking forward to playing the game 😀


I haven’t come across your games before but now super excited to follow them!


I didn’t realize the game wasn’t being printed and stocked and was so sad. Just last week hit up Seattle and found 0. This news made my day


I can’t wait to see what this game is. It looks pretty interesting 😃


Can’t wait for this addition!


I’m so stoked!!

Tom Etherton

Excited to see a co-op option which me and my wife could play together!


I adore the artwork on the cover, hope it is all as beautiful. I’m always looking out for co-op games to play also.

Jenifer Cappello

No questions, just looking so forward to this, so excited!

Andrew Godby

Oh, I am so excited for this!


Looks like a great game. Love the artwork!

Sophie Hale



Can’t wait to see this new expansion!!!


Looks so beautiful 😍😍😍


I never knew about this game but it looks so fun!

Molly McKee

This looks great!!


Can’t wait for the launch!




Looks nice


Can’t wait!


I love it I need it


Can. Not. Wait.

Sasha Velaris

Cant wait for the expansion!


Can’t wait for moonlight, loving the base game 🙂


Can’t wait to have those cute moonlight creatures at home !


It looks lovely!


How can I get the original game first?


Watched the stream. cant wait to get my hands on this. 🙂


Hoping the new campaign has a slightly larger box. My retail base game box is crammed full with all the extra promos and KS content. Definitely no room for expansion content. And if there is a larger box, will it be labeled with the game’s name on the short edges of the box? These are pretty much required for me to be able to back. Thanks for considering these usability improvements!


Will there be a complete collectors edition with the expansion?