Tao Long Late Pledge is LIVE!

Gonzalo Aguirre BisiNews2 Comments

What a ride! our second Kickstarter is now officially over and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who took part in making this an amazing campaign.


As you all know Tao Long Deluxe Edition is a Kickstarter Exclusive version of the game. Because of its production cost we are not able to bring it into distribution.

If you are interested, there is a very limited time to get this version in our pledge manager. Every Deluxe edition comes with all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign.

Pre-Order Tao Long Deluxe Edition for 31,00€


When we started this project we thought of everything that could make this game of the highest quality possible, and we not only achieved that, here is a recap of everything that was made possible because of the participation of all of you.

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Ken legg

I would really like the deluxe edition of Tao long, but I’m not familiar with the Euro exchange. How much would the deluxe edition cost in U.S. dollars ?

Wolfgang Früh

Second Mail

I just send a mail for a pre order . I would like to get the deluxe version in Essen , if this is possible.

Best regards

Wolfgang Früh