ThunderGryph Games expands the team

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ThunderGryph Games expands the team

Sevilla, Spain – November 10th.

ThunderGryph Games announced today that they have signed an agreement with three new valuable industry assets to join ThunderGryph’s team.

Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, President of ThunderGryph Games states: “Working on our games alongside our awesome community has been an incredible experience and we would love to have the same experience with the press. With Martyn in the team we will be able to establish a better connection with our press list, to answer their questions and keep them in the creation and publishing process of our games.”


Martyn Poole started as a board game reviewer and this was quickly followed by the launch of Board Game Exposure, an innovative service catered to Publishers. Its main goal was to help with the reviews needed by the Publishers for upcoming titles. In the past few months, he has been working with Final Frontier Games on a Robin Hood themed Euro game coming to Kickstarter soon. By joining ThunderGryph as head of PR, he will still be able to do game design and work on other tasks at Frinal Frontier Games”

To be able to work on several titles at the same time, ThunderGryph is opening a new team dedicated to layout and graphic design. Gui and Dox will join Daniel, now head of graphic design.


Dox Lucchin has always been around art and everything that surrounds it, be it illustration, sculpting, animation or design; but everything began with Lego, and the freedom of creation that it gave to him. In board games he found a way to bring that passion for creation alive. He illustrated and designed Tao Long with Pedro Latro and he will be an incredible asset to transform a game concept into beautiful symbology.


Gui Landgraf has loved board games ever since he was five, when their parents gave him a Hero Quest expansion. Yes, without the main game. That kid grew up and now has found people that share that passion of playing board games. Gui will work side by side with Dox to give shape to concepts together.

ThunderGryph’s team is already working on new projects and looking forward on what new experiences their work will bring to a new and broader audience.

About ThunderGryph Games

ThunderGryph Games is a European board game publisher dedicated to bring engaging and entertaining board games with great quality gameplay and production value to the market. While the company is in its first year, four games have been developed including, Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons with planned releases in 2018 alongside five new titles coming later next year. To know more about ThunderGryph Games, please visit

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Great post!! Keep going with your good work.
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William Burgos

Best of luck for the new crew members and congratulations Thundergryph!