ThunderGryph Games is Live!

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We launched!

It has been four years since this idea crossed my mind, and finally, the journey has started!

As I told in my first Blog, ThunderGryph is my passionate attempt to join the business of my favourite hobby ever. I think that be part of the entertainment business is one of the most satisfying jobs, so this company will focus on publishing games that are fun!

ThunderGryph’s first game is “Overseers” a drafting and bluffing game with a twist. Each player represent an Overseer, whose objective is to bend traits at their favour to create the most dominant combination of virtues and vices in humankind. If you want to know more about the game you can visit the Overseers Page!

If you are interested about ThunderGryph’s future projects you can join the following mailing list, by doing so you will automatically enter in monthly giveaways where you can win amazing prizes!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website and learn more about the project! If you have any suggestion or opinion you can send me a message using the Contact Form.

I would also like to thank Cristina, Yang, José, Daniel, and everybody that helped me into building the project. You guys are just the best!

See you around!
– Gonzalo

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