Thundergryph Games Journal – September 2020

Gonzalo Aguirre BisiJournal

Dear Journal readers,

I hope this Journal finds you well. This has definitely been a strange year, but we are positive and hopeful that we will have an amazing 2021.

As for 2020, we are done with both releases and Kickstarter campaigns. We want to focus mainly on improving our logistics and making sure we are on top of the queries sent to our support center. We will also be shipping the Matchbox Collection before Christmas.

For 2021, we will start immediately with a campaign on January 5th and we will have around 7 to 8 retail releases during the year, including the entire Matchbox Collection and a couple of titles that we haven’t announced yet.



Our next title will be revealed in October

We are extremely excited about this new project. It entered our public timeline just one month ago and we are almost ready to share the news with all of you!
Next month we will plan our first Live Stream Announcement. This is a new practice aimed to announce every upcoming release.

We will have a lot of very interesting things happening in that stream, including giving away a Thundergryph Silver Ticket which is an all-access free pass to our released games and Kickstarted games in 2021.


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Third scenario for Tang Garden

scenario 03

Each month we will be releasing a new scenario that will be playable with the components of the base game; these scenarios will add new ways to play the game with interesting concepts and new mechanisms, without having to add any component to the game.

Last month we revealed “Markets of the Pear Garden” and this month we are excited to reveal “Breathtaking views” which will completely change the pace of Panorama tiles placement.
Discover the new scenario by visiting our Tang Garden page and follow us on Twitch to see us playing live next month!



New Gift Cards in the shop!

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Not sure which title to buy for a friend? Let them choose their favorite. Gift a moment of fun!

From Today until October 6th, 2020, get 10% off on any Thundergryph Gift Card by using the code: GIFTCARD before checkout.

For more information visit our online shop.




• Mass production started! You can read our recent update for more details
• We will be delivering the games to our Kickstarter backers before Christmas.

• We are announcing this title next month! This will be our first campaign for 2021.

• Our next title of the “Made in Wonderland” collection will be released in 2021. As for now, we will be waiting to announce it closer to its retail release date.

• In our latest update we shared the Moonlight Journal and more details regarding the production of the game.