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Thunder Lab: Twist

June 14, 2024 4 min read

1. Contest name

Thunder Lab: Twist

2. Contest keyword and introduction to the theme

“We turn the Cube and it twists us.” Erno Rubik

The Twist brings special moments to board gaming, whether a unique mechanism, an unexpected rule change, a special component, or an in-game event. Let your creativity run wild and think outside the box, but remember that your interpretation of this concept is integral to your design.

We are looking for party games (possibly with a larger player count) with simple rules, a high fun factor, and an element of TWIST.

3. Component restrictions

  • Must fit inside a Soda Pop can (65mm diameter | 120mm height)
soda pop can dimensions

4. Mechanisms restrictions

Do not use the following mechanisms:

  • Trick taking
  • Betting/Auction
  • Player elimination
  • Single loser game
  • Take that

5. Submission guidelines and eligibility

Eligibility and Requirements: 

  • All designers, both well-established and novice, are welcome to participate.
    By accepting the participation conditions of this contest, the designer affirms that they are of legal age and the author, and confirms that the board game is unpublished in any format, language, publication channel, or country.
  • The ability to prepare a sell sheet and print and play files. Tabletop Simulator implementation is a plus.
    The contestant accepts that Thundergryph will import the game files privately on Tabletop Simulator for testing purposes. The module won’t be shared with people outside the company.
  • Registration to the Thundergryph website is required to vote.
  • We request registration of an email address to everyone who wishes to participate (regardless of whether you send the entry for the contest) as it will help us anticipate the entry volume and contact you with new information about the competition.

Submission guidelines for files:

  • Send the rulebook (setup and gameplay) in PDF or DOC file
  • Send the sell sheet of the game (must include mention of the TWIST)
  • Print&Play files in PDF or DOC file
  • Optional: .json file for Tabletop Simulator

6. Schedule

  1. Announce date: June 14th 2024
  2. Submission entries start: July 1st 2024
  3. Submission entries end: September 30th 2024
  4. Judging deadline: October 31st 2024
  5. Gamer’s choice voting start: November 4th 2024
  6. Gamer’s choice voting end: November 30th 2024
  7. Winner announcement: December 10th 2024

7. Selection criteria

  • Relevance to the contest theme: TWIST.
  • Commercialization potential (original concept, interesting gameplay, etc.).
  • Rules structure and game balance.
  • Fun factor / Memorable moments.
  • Replayability.

8. Prize


TWIST Contest Winner

  • 1,000.00€ (considered as royalties for the limited print run of 1’000 copies).
  • Art direction by Thundergryph Games
  • Behind-the-scenes game development experience with the team
  • 10 copies of your game from the limited print run of 1,000 copies (available exclusively in the Thundergryph Shop)
  • ThunderLab TWIST Throphy lamp by WERNS
  • Chance of publication and localization

Gamer’s Choice Winner

  • Chance of publication with the same conditions as the winner
  • 200€ Thundergryph Gift Card


  • 50€ Thundergryph Gift Card

All participants

  • Access to special webinars about game design and development by Thundergryph with special guests
  • Access to a private discord channel to discuss your design with others or ask any questions about the contest

To gamers pre-purchasing the winning game

  • Limited Edition Soda Can of the winning game (only 1’000 printed)
  • Thunder Lab Founders membership (fixed discount of 10% on Thunder Lab games and other perks revealed in the future)
  • Double the Thunders for your purchase (a total of 2’000 Thunders)
  • Shipping is not included in the price. We only ship to the countries/zones listed in our webshop.
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9. Disclaimer and intellectual property

  • Intellectual property copyright of the winner: Taxes mandated by law from the result of receiving a royalty payment will be the responsibility of the author according to their country of residence.
  • We may feature the game images and videos of your game entry on our social media
  • We may play the finalist’s games live on our Twitch channel.
  • We will do our best to provide feedback on the entries, but it is not guaranteed.
  • Participants will keep the rights of their games and Thundergryph Games will never use them without authorization.

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