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The Exalted – Exploring The Factions of Nobura

May 30, 2024 2 min read

Location: The Fadedgrounds

In the heart of a colorless black-and-white biome, a silent expanse of Tundra unfolds, interwoven only by interconnected caves. Here, the Exalted carve out their existence, living in a deaf environment.

Social Structure

Collective Ownership: The Exalted constitute a Polycule faction, bound by a connection that is more ancestral than emotional. They are organized into functional units based on shared skills, expertise, or objectives.

Individual Autonomy: Members of these functional units maintain a significant degree of individual autonomy. Decisions are guided by logic and the collective’s best interests, prioritizing rationality over emotional considerations.

The Importance of Smoke

Atomizer: The Exalted, with assistance from the Luminary, have developed the Atomizer, enabling them to vaporize just before death and reincarnate through the thermodynamic process of deposition.

Smoke: Representing the pinnacle of freedom, Smoke entails the loss of emotions and all human aspects of being alive (including breathing and physical needs). Dependent on this sense of freedom, individuals vaporize even during recreational moments.

Kin Structure

Drive: Exalted are highly driven, even willing to sacrifice themselves for a greater purpose, driven by aggressive destruction closely linked to the essence of smoke. Much like fire, they must control their nihilistic sense of a meaningless life to prevent destructive consequences.

Connections: Offsprings are not born out of emotional bonds but from the primary drive to contribute to the greater good. Exalted select partners based on a careful analysis of personality and skills, aiming to create a unique and special living being.


Social Recreation: Exalted are avid drinkers, incorporating Crave into their alcoholic beverages alongside the fruits of Nobura, despite uncertainty about its impact on their metabolism.

Elevated Belonging: Utilizing the Vaporizer for recreational purposes, Exalted find the greatest connection and belonging by mixing their smoke with that of others.

Parenting: Parenting lacks a significant presence, with a small machine providing assumed nutrition for newborns by generating colostrum.

Games: Steel Destruction tournaments, where Creators put their steam-punk constructions against each other in an arena, aim to reach and destroy the Smoke capsule within opponents’ creations. The release of smoke signals the end of the fight, adding great excitement. These tournaments serve not only for entertainment but also to apply inventive ideas to their creations in battle.

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