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The Luminary – Exploring the Factions of Nobura

May 30, 2024 2 min read

Location: The Mirroredge

A landscape mirroring the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia—a desert of salt and water. 
The suspended natural elements defy gravity, reflecting the sky and forming a captivating mirage of wildlife in this vast expanse of emptiness. Within this biome, underwater oases expand, but nobody in Nobura has explored them yet.

Social Structure

The society is composed of:

  • Scouts: Responsible for exploring and finding the next great Albedo to anchor the city.
  • Artisans: Engaged in studying, transcribing, and performing minor creations.
  • Crafters: Responsible for the most intricate scrolls of existence rituals. Crafters may also hold the positions of keeper, healer, or undertake any other useful task for society.
  • Council: Wise individuals who decide on their species’ next steps to keep growing and evolving.

Kin Structure

In the Luminaries’ structure, Family, Lineage, or Affiliations are absent. Personal relationships, such as marital life, take a backseat to more critical goals. Luminaries emerge through a ritual called “the calling,” performed when a societal role needs filling. Crafters from various disciplines collaborate, using scrolls of existence to expedite the growth of a new adult Luminary, sidestepping the complexities of infancy.

Newborns still require a guiding figure, and the main Crafter will implant filial love for admiration and attention towards them.

Communication / Social aspect

Telepathy is their primary mode of communication, encompassing three types:

  • Lexical: Similar to the main human Nobura’s language, used for regular conversations and discussions.
  • Graphical: Employed by scouts to project maps, patterns, and courses onto others’ minds. Also utilized for explaining game mechanisms and the history of the Luminaries.
  • Empathic: A communication style based on feelings, and subtle expressions. This form is used to swiftly teach newly called adults about life’s intricacies.

Luminaries still satisfy their needs for entertainment with games of logic and strategy.

Floating Metropolis

One of their biggest achievements as they have managed to bring their home along with them.

Hydrodynamic Lift:

“Flow” is a unique material extracted from soil, with hydrophobic microstructures that interact with water, creating lift and stability. These structures repel water, forming controlled air pockets. In large quantities, “Flow” enables AquaLevitas—to lift cities. The hydrodynamic lift principle is central, using water interaction to generate upward buoyant force. The levitating city’s movement and altitude are controlled by a network of pumps and valves, manipulating water flow in the “levitation chamber.”

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