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Fulfillment is live on the foundry

March 19, 2024 2 min read

Dear Backers,

We hope this update finds you well and we appreciate your patience!
Here is the current update on each region about the arrival of the vessels and preparation for fulfillment.

Europe, UK & ROW Shipping Update 🚢

🛥️ Vessel/Voyage: CMA CGM CEDRUS departed from Shekou on February 7th, 2024.

ETA Barcelona: MAR 15, 2024

The journey has been longer than anticipated due to a route change, skirting Africa. This deviation was necessary as the Suez Canal passage wasn’t deemed safe given that region’s unfortunate situation.

Fulfillment for Europe and ROW is scheduled to commence on Wednesday, March 20, 2024. Transport will be handled by Seur, DPD Europa, their local partners, and Correos España.

For the UK, please allow an additional couple of weeks from this date. Spiral Galaxy will be the designated carrier.

USA + CANADA Shipping Update 🚚

Warehouse Delivery: Tomorrow, March 12, 2024

We estimate starting fulfillment on Monday, March 18, but this is contingent on our partner’s workflow there.

Canada’s fulfillment will commence approximately two weeks after the USA’s start, as it is transported overland. AllPlay will be the designated carrier for both regions.

Australia + NZ Shipping Update 🚢

ETA: MAR 13, 2024

All orders are loaded into the system.

If you need to modify your address, please contact us at support@thundergryph.com or directly through https://vrdistribution.com.au.

You can also visit the VR Distribution Facebook page, where they frequently update the status of your games.

Asia Shipping Update 🚚

VFI informed us today that they will commence fulfillment starting on March 15, 2024.

If you need to modify your address, please write to us as soon as possible at support@thundergryph.com.

To all the backers who added The Peach Festival to your pledge, those will be fulfilled later.

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