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The Limbics – Exploring The Factions of Nobura

May 30, 2024 2 min read

Location: The Blood Trench

A landscape of deep red mud lakes, where the Limbics submerge to muffle stimuli. Here, only algae and weeping willows thrive amidst the oppressive humidity and scorching heat. The air hangs heavy with moisture, making it nearly unbearable, yet the mud’s thermodynamic properties provide a surprising relief, keeping surface and submerged temperatures lower.

Social Structure

In this tribe, individuals refrain from engaging in reproduction in pairs, instead opting for a process resembling parthenogenesis. Each member possesses the biological capability to produce offspring independently, resulting in genetic diversity derived from the assortment of genetic material within the tribe. The specific mechanism of reproduction involves laying eggs.

Due to their underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, the tribe likely lacks a concept of ownership. Resources are shared and distributed based on strength and dominance, adhering to the laws of natural selection. Their brains are predominantly governed by an extended amygdala, leading to limited consciousness, minimal pain awareness, and impulsive traits that can manifest as aggression and loss of control.

Taking all of this into account, the tribe lacks a formal social structure but acknowledges a leadership hierarchy, respected out of a combination of fear and admiration.

Limbics and Whisperers

Once known as the Whisperers, the Limbics isolated themselves from society after pairing with a peculiar reptile. Wildlanders underwent a merging of traits just before complete assimilation. This process caused them to lose the use of their prefrontal cortex and their parthenogenetic mode of reproduction, mirroring the physical structure of their spirit animals. This lack of emotional attachment, makes them sever their connection with spirit animals, disrupting the natural link within the entire Whisperers’ kingdom.

Since then, the Whisperers have been studying this event, maintaining a non-aggressive stance towards the Limbics while keeping their distance.


Limited Vegetation: With scarcity of vegetation the only presence of it is primarily composed of algae and weeping willows, which poses a critical resource challenge for the tribe, sparking territorial competition for these vital food sources.

Hunting Techniques: The Limbics, in their primitive state, have honed efficient and ruthless hunting methods. Employing ambush tactics, they rely on their strength and impulsiveness to capture prey, often targeting small animals and fish from the muddy lakes.

Storytelling through Physical Displays: With limited verbal communication, storytelling is conveyed through elaborate physical displays. These displays feature rhythmic body movements and visual patterns in the mud, narrating the tribe’s history, legends, and cultural knowledge.

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