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The Whisperers – Exploring the Factions of Nobura

May 30, 2024 3 min read

The Whisperers are the most ancient species in Nobura. Instead of a very long story to read, we have condensed it into fun facts to get to know them better. This touches just a few points, but if you are curious to know more, ask them in the comment section. Let us know what you think!

Location: The Wildlands

The Wildlands of Nobura feature entwined plant trees and vibrant, exotic colors, with different tones for the water. Encompassing sand, water, and desert, the Whisperers are a constant presence throughout the entire planet of Nobura.

Social Structure

The Whisperers are divided into two categories determined by pairing:


  • Live their entire lives in the nest, nurturing newborns until their pairing ritual.
  • Responsible for maintaining peace, teaching the young, receiving returning Wildlifers for procreation, and managing different species.


  • After pairing, live anywhere in Nobura and periodically return to the nest to close their wildlife circle (procreating or facing the natural end).
  • Considered animals post-pairing, relying on themselves and their spirit animal.
  • Embrace a nomadic lifestyle reminiscent of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Government Structure

The Whisperers operate under a Gerontocracy, led by the Pachamama. The Pachamama, chosen by the previous leader, holds a high life expectancy due to natural powers. She uses an iridescent Etherstone abacus to influence species evolution by altering DNA threads.

Pairing Ritual

Newborns participate in a pairing ritual, placing wooden statues representing animal life and one for the Sorvanti. As they bond with their spirit animal, the Whisperer undergoes phases of assimilation:

Primordial Empathy: Heightened empathy toward the animal companion.
Physical Resonance: Subtle physical changes in the Whisperer.
Behavioral Shifts: Adopting habits and movements of the companion.
Merging Traits: Increased physical resemblance.
Complete Assimilation: Rare final phase, making the Whisperer almost indistinguishable from their companion.

This unique society in the Wildlands of Nobura thrives on harmony.

Mannerism: Natural Connection Ritual

Upon the passing of a Whisperer, a profound Natural Connection ritual unfolds. Soverani, along with other Whisperers paying homage, gather in a circle around the departed soul.

The Natural Connection ritual is a powerful and intimate bonding moment, reminiscent of circle singing. The Pachamama initiates the ceremony, making gestures to groups of people who either sing a melody in an ostinato or perform body percussion.

As the singing and percussion resonate, the Whisperer’s body transforms into iridescent green spores, floating in the air. When Pachamama signals the stop, a gentle breeze lifts the spores, guiding them through the wind to land in different biomes of Nobura.

This sacred and harmonious ceremony honors the departed Whisperer’s connection with nature, allowing their essence to disperse and become part of the diverse ecosystems across Nobura.

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