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Tang Garden: Seasons update and compendium

March 19, 2024 3 min read

Dear Architects,

We hope everyone is well!
Recently our manufacturers resumed operations after Chinese New Year and we have met to discuss Tang Garden Seasons.

Delivering promptly is crucial for us and we appreciate your patience while waiting for this delay. This project is the only one we have to deliver in our current pipeline as Soda Pop is starting fulfillment very soon.

Each project we create has its complexity and timeframe and we apologize if this one was much more complex than we imagined. 

We will try to keep the update short so you all will be able to read it without taking too much of your time.

  • Production for wooden components is starting along with the big box insert and compendium. Continue reading for a video of the Compendium!
  • Since we are using two manufacturers, the completed items will go from Longpack to Ninox where they will be assembled inside the big box.
  • We are working with Ninox to create a new cardboard insert for the Seasons base game which will be more organized and sturdy.
  • This will require around 70 days to have the games ready for freight.

We are actively working on improving our process for production and communication and this is what we are focusing on while the manufacturers are making the games:

  • We have hired a production manager. Katia Huachong is now part of the Thundergryph family. This has drastically improved the way we communicate with our manufacturers as we now have a direct line of communication in Chinese. We have been working with Katia for the past couple of months and we are already seeing a huge improvement in our pipeline.
  • Katia Howatson, our community manager, will be taking over a few of our Kickstarter updates and will be available for you in the comment section. This will improve the way we hear you and the way we communicate in these updates.


Here is the final look of the Tang Garden compendium, which you will receive in the language you selected in our pledge manager. This will be the ultimate source of information for everything regarding Tang Garden.


While this project is getting more than expected, as a small publisher, we rely on crowdfunding to bring our releases to fruition. We are launching a new game on Kickstarter on March 5th, but we want to assure you that a dedicated segment of our team is committed to promptly addressing any inquiries from our manufacturers as we enter the final stages of production for Tang Garden: Seasons. Your understanding and support are valued.

We promise to deliver a great game experience that you will feel proud to have contributed to.

If you need to contact us, please write us here.

Wishing you all the best,
Gon from Thundergryph Games

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