The most rewarding month of my career

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I would like to start this post by saying this is not a Kickstarter advice article. Jamey, James and many others are great at doing that. I am just a guy following and sharing his dream of becoming a board game publisher. I’ve never felt so nervous by doing something in my professional career, I think that when your dream … Read More

My crazy way to play Board Games

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After my boardgame epiphany, I was very excited to try as many different board games mechanics as possible, and the only way I had to do it, was inviting my friends to come over and play some games together. I have to say they liked the idea since all of them are passionate video gamers. We started gathering once a … Read More

My Board Game Epiphany

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So this is my first Blog! I have to admit I’ve never published a story or article online before. I recall that when I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer with a lake house and a typewriter, you know, but soon after I realized I wasn’t good at it, I focused my attention on my second hobby: … Read More