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Qualifications Tournament Rules

We are opening today the Qualification stage that will run until February 1st 2021.

We have updated the Tabletop Simulator module and you will be able to find the Tournament setup, which will be the same for every participant (including Drafting, Variability, Wax Seals and Personal Objectives order and position).

How to join:

1) Visit our discord channel to find other players to play with. In our best efforts to have a fair play tournament, you are required to play with people communicating by voice and on Tabletop Simulator.

2) You can only play a single qualification game and the winner of the match will be gathering your scores and information to send it over by using our official form.

3) DO NOT shuffle anything in the game as everything has been set up to be pre-established for all the participants.

4) After a few minutes of play, a unique match code will be generated and will be found below the game box in the virtual room. Please take careful note of that code as it is the only way for us to accept an entrance and it helps to track the logs of the match.

5) We only accept entries for 3 player games and 4 player games. You cannot join the tournament in 2 players or in Solitaire.

6) Have fun, be polite with the rest of the players, and enjoy yourself, which is the most important thing.

At the end of the match, the winner needs to fill the form below with all the scores, including the email addresses of each participant.

Depending on the attendance, the top 10% or 20% of participants (based on the scores of each of the player counts) will be joining the organized bracket stage, where a judge will be overseeing the match and taking notes of the winners.

We will send an email to all qualified players

Tournament form