You have an invitation at 5 pm at the Mad Hatter’s garden.
The table is ready, the cookies taste like buttery heaven, and the tea is strong and spicy.

The Mad Hatter gives you a bizarre look. “Yes pl…”

He interrupts you.
Sugar, cookies, and millions of hats fly everywhere.
Tea spills all over the tablecloth as he proceeds with a huge smile on his face.

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In Hats, two to four players compete to acquire the most outstanding hats by exchanging cards in hand with cards on the tea table board. Each card exchange influences how each hat is scored. Naturally, at the end of the game, the player with the highest score will be declared the maddest!

Game Designer: Gabriele Bubola | Illustrations: Paolo Voto

Photos by BoardGameShot


MvM Live Presents Hats


Everyone draws 9 cards. Each player takes their turn by performing one of the following two actions:

Play a single card from their hand face up and exchange it with one from the tea table board while respecting the following conditions:

1A. Both the played and exchanged cards are of the same type.

1B. The number on the played card is higher than the number being exchanged.

Add the card exchanged from the tea table board to the player’s collection by placing it face up in front of them.

Play a single card face down in front of them to add it to their collection.This is considered a black hat. Each black hat in a player’s collection at the end of the game is worth one point.

Optional action: At any time during their turn, players may discard a single card of their choice to draw a new one from the draw deck. In 4 players games, players will exchange cards with their teammates.

End Game Scoring

Players earn points for the hat cards in their collection based on the position of the matching type on the tea table board. If there are two or more hat cards on the tea table board of the same type, keep face up only the card with the lowest plate value, while turning all other cards of that type face down.

Each player reveals the final card in their hand as their “favorite hat” type. Players gain points equal to the sum of all cards in their collection that match the type of their “favorite hat” minus the value of the final card in their hand.

There is only one cookie left at the table. Players compete for the cookie by having the most different types of hat cards in their collection. Black hats count as a type. During the game, pass the cookie to the player who has the most different types of hat cards. The chocolate chip cookie is worth five points at the end of the game.



We are so excited to introduce a new line of games called
Made in Wonderland.

All of the titles published under this line will have a book-like magnetic cover and strong reference to fables and fairy tales we all know and love.

This line will be exclusive to distribution and will pre-release at conventions like GenCon and Spiel Essen.

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Neo Teng Whay

Game looks incredible as always! Can’t wait to give it a try! (sadly not at GenCon because I live across the country)

Gerard van den Akker

You had me sold on the book-like box.

Stephen Unser

Looks good. I’m off to Origins? Will you be there?

Stephen Unser

Looks like fun! I’m going to Origins, will you be there?


wooow ! its looks really cool ! is it possible to preorder it with the iwari kickstash?

Adonis Minckler

This game looks fun, I think my family and I will enjoy it.

Jose Antonio Morales Garcia

A Pretty simple game with colorful cards. awesome style and beautiful cookie. Thundergryph always reaching standard on great game production

Claus Jørgensen

Wow! This looks great!

Peter Jeffery

Looks good. Have pre-ordered

Wavy Mitchell

Interesting and aesthetically pleasing!

Derek Berdine

Well, seeing as how AiW is one of my favorite books, I love card games, and Thundergryph’s quality has proven to be top notch, I think this is a no-brainer for me! I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on this. 😀

Stephen Spackman

Surely in Wonderland those are biscuits?

Karine Lamie

Very beautifull art work and looks fun too. Will the rulebook be available in french ?


Love the whole Wonderland idea! I think there may be several book style games in my future.


hats off to ye 😉

Carly H.

Looks awesome!


Looks wonderful! I’ve already fallen in love with this new line “Made in Wonderland”, I look forward to discover more about it.


As always, the game is absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to review it for you as I also write for The Geek Girl Project as a game reviewer!


Love this! I’m such a big fan of anything Alice!


The game looks amazing, and adore the book-like box. I look forward to many more games.

Mattias R

Love the theme, will check this out!


Not sure what to think yet but I wish you the best of luck. It’s interesting that some of the games are KS and others, like this, are not.


Looking forward to Hats!

Christina L

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the box and the dry-erase napkin!

Claire Rochelmeyer

Mmmmm, that cookie looks so damn tasty!

Daniel Vance

This Game looks great, like everything y’all do!


It looks great to play with family!!


Such a beautiful cover, you definitely have me interested!


I really like the Wonderland, so I wouldn’t mind winning. 😀
The game looks great.


Game looks amazing. When it will be launched?

Selena B.

Beautiful looking game with interesting ways to score. Can’t wait!

Philip Grant

The game looks amazing, but the rules as you stated them don’t make much sense. but I do love alice and I love card games, so it’s probably a lock from me if the rules make sense and the price is reasonable.


The rules manual indicates that it can be achieved in other languages, however I only find it in English.
I need the rules in Spanish.
Where can I get it?


Xd game idea


incredible beautiful as usual


Looks great!


Looks great.
Keep up wiht the good stuff


A Cookie that cames with a game, Great!!! ^_^


Simple, beautiful, reminds me a touch of lost cities (a good thing!)

Amanda Wilkinson

Love the simplicity of the rules coupled with sneaky depth of strategy. And, of course, art! Just art! Amazing <3

Shaun Mohr

It looks like a game I would like on the shelf

Martine Vallée

I’m so hurry to try this game! Another masterpiece! Bravo!


Game looks very cool

samantha cheung

Beautiful looking game!


You already had me at the fake cookie 😂 can’t wait to see the next titles!


Would love a copy!

Filipa PT

Hi again Gonzalo, another beautiful looking game as TGG has got us used to! You are one of my favorite publishers 🙂 I continue to say I will try to have the complete collection of your games because their art and the quality of the components are always top notch! Marvellous pieces of joy. The only thing I want to point out about gameplay is that it looks a bit too much like Pot de Vin, so if it wasn’t a game from you and this beautiful I would pass. I just want to be honest and useful 🙂 hopefully… Read more »

Liz Howald

The production of this game looks amazing! I might have to try this one out 🙂


At first it looked like Hanamikoji to me, but reading thins helped to understand differences, will follow up 🙂


Looks beautiful. Your productions are always top-notch.


I really like the theme of this game. Fantastic artwork. Reminds me a bit of Parade (that’s a good thing), another game with the Alice in Wonderland theme. Cool box, too.