Thundergryph Games Journal – July 2020

Gonzalo Aguirre BisiJournal

Dear Journal readers,

I hope that you are all doing great! Enjoying the summer or winter depending on your location.

In this new journal, I bring some news for Spirits of the Forest, Tang Garden and our usual update about how are we doing with all our current projects.

I hope you will enjoy the read.


thundergryph-journal-jul-moonlight info 2

Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight is an expansion for the base game that adds a scenario based co-op mode that can also be played in solitaire, and an alternative multiplayer variant that can be played up to four players.

The enchanted forest is welcoming you, once again! The wooden edition will be available for one last goodbye as it will never be printed again. With the added scenarios, you will get many more hours of fun as we will be able to unlock much more content with your support and Stretch Goals.



Introducing scenarios for Tang Garden


If you backed our Tang Garden KS you have access to a range of scenarios from Golden Age and Ghost Stories, and if you have been playing them you know how much variety it adds to the game making every match unique!

We wanted to bring this vibe to everyone that also gets Tang Garden in retail. Each month we will be releasing a new scenario that will be playable with the components of the base game; these scenarios will be very different from the ones that you have been playing so far. Make sure to give it a go, we would love to know what you think.





The Tang Garden Unusual Gardens photo contest has begun! Get those creative juices flowing and share your best photos of Tang Garden with us.

Multiple prizes will be available for the top winners.

More details and rules can be found by clicking the button below. We hope you will enjoy participating in this one as we would like to make more in the future.





• If you have not received your game yet, be sure to contact us through our online form to understand where the issue with your order is. If you have sent a message already, waiting time can be a bit longer due to the current circumstances but we are answering all questions in order. If you haven’t received a reply yet, please do not send a new ticket as it will be marked as a recent message and appear at the back of the queue.

• We recently sent a fulfillment status short update.
• There was a misprint on the Void cards in the Deluxe edition and we found and posted a solution in our latest update.
 We played in our livestream a variant of the 6 players game with the misprinted cards.
• We will shortly launch a pledge tracker for you to be able to see the status of your pledge in total autonomy

• Tuned pre-production should be completed very soon. You still don’t have any information about this game yet as it will be a direct retail release. We can anticipate that it will be part of our “Made in Wonderland” collection! Hold on your curiosity for further updates on this!

• The pre-production is going smoothly regardless of the back and forth process due to changes in how some components are made. You can read more about it in our latest update for the Matchbox collection.