Overseers is a 3 to 6 players fast-paced drafting and bluffing game with a twist.
Each player represents an Overseer, whose objectives are to bend traits to their favour to create the most dominant combination of virtues and vices; you will draft cards to achieve the best possible score and try to deceive your way during the game to convince the others you are not the strongest player.
Character abilities will change the game constantly in many ways which results in never-ending possibilities to the players, no game will ever be the same; after 3 rounds the player with the best score will be declared the winner.



“The first time we played it everyone at the table was kinda like “I don’t really know what I’m doing”, I mean, I’m doing stuff because the game tells me to do stuff but I don’t know why I’m doing stuff. And the second time I played it was like all of sudden, right around the second round, it was like BING! the light turned on and I was like holy cow this game is amazing.”

“It looks fantastic while you are playing it. The card draft is solid but putting them down on the tableau and having to reveal some of them it just adds this level of bluffing and double bluffing that is really great.
Love the aspect of suspicion and distrust when you have that moment of discussion when you go back and forth like NOOO! don’t vote for me there’s no way I’ve that many points!”



Inside the box you will find the game rules and cards in english, however, we have translated them in six different languages. If you have any question, tweet us @tgryphgames with the hashtag #Overseers and we will reply promptly!

Overseers Rulebook - ENOverseers Rulebook - ES
Overseers Rulebook - DE
Overseers Rulebook - FROverseers Rulebook - KR

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14 Comments on “Overseers”

  1. The prices have a comma instead of a period, is that meant to say thousands or no? Just want to clarify

  2. Hola muy buenas. Tengo una con liang. En el libro de texto pone un texto y en la carta otro. Cuál es el de verdad? Gracias

  3. We found a discrepancy between rulebook and a card:

    The “Liang” card says:
    “In the scoring phase, the player of your choice will lose 1 point for each card in his/her combination.”

    The rulebook says:
    “In the scoring phase you can steal 4 points from the player of your choice.”

    So which rule applies? (It is obviously not the same rule just differrently texted.)

    Also the “Yanmei” card text doesn’t fully match the rulebook text, however, the differrence there doesn’t change the rule: “Choose one of your cards” (rulebook) vs. “Choose on card in front of you” (card).

    Otherwise nice game and I highly appreciate the high quality of the game parts.

  4. I was really looking forward to acquiring the promos for Overseers during black friday, but I didn’t see them up for sale in the shop. Is there any other way to get these?

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