These are uncertain times. There has been a power void since the coup. Everyone from the highest aristocrat to the lowliest gang boss strives to gain the support of the guilds — but to get this means bribery, skullduggery, and knowledge of the four most powerful and influential figures in the city. Knowing when to strike requires cunning and prudence. News travels fast, and no guild wants to become infamous…unless of course they can profit from it!


The Dice Tower Review

“The replayability and scalability I think are both very good, replayability here is neat, you are going to get better and better at this game while you are playing. It’s got a great tactical deep and richness to it that I enjoyed.

I like that it translates into a different kind of game throug Trick Taking and I enjoyed it very much, It is a well made game this one and gorgeous to boot.”


Inside the box you will find the game rules in english, deutsch and french. We have translated the rulebook of Pot de Vin in six different languages. If you have any question, tweet us @tgryphgames with the hashtag #PotDeVin and we will reply promptly!

Pot de Vin Rulebook - ENPot de Vin Rulebook - ES
Pot de Vin Rulebook - DE
Pot de Vin Rulebook - FRPot de Vin Rulebook - BR

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