Spirits of the Forest Tournament!

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Sevilla, Spain – December 10th.

ThunderGryph recently announced Spirits of the Forest, a charming set collection abstract-like game by Michael Schacht.

Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi, President of ThunderGryph Games states: "We are really excited about our Kickstarter launch on January 2nd and since we are mad in love with the game, we want everyone to experience the game before we launch."

Thanks to the support of the team behind Tabletopia, a free to play digital version of Spirits of the Forest is available to play from their website, no download required!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the game on Kickstarter, ThunderGryph planned three different events with special rewards including a Hand Signed Collector's edition for the winner of the tournament.

Learn & Play: December 15th 15:00 EDT - 21:00 GMT

ThunderGryph's team will be available in Tabletopia's Discord channel to explain the game and play some matches. There is also the possibility to spectate a match instead of playing the game if interested.

Spirtis of the Forest takes 5 minutes to explain and 20 minutes to play.

Sit&Go Special Event: December 29th 16:00 EDT - 22:00 GMT

ThunderGryph's team will be playing at different tables during the event. By winning a match against one of the team members you will enter in a draw to win one of three retail copies of Spirits of the Forest at the end of the event.

Spirits of the Forest Tournament: January 5th 2018 16:00 EDT - 22:00 GMT

Free to join, direct elimination tournament.

Payers will join a room in Tabletopia's Discord channel to sign up. It will start with 3 player games and then change to 2 players games at quarter finals.

The final match will be commented and live streamed on the Kickstarter page of Spirits of the Forest. 

The three best players will win the following prizes:


ThunderGryph Games is a European board game publisher dedicated to bring engaging and entertaining board games with great quality gameplay and production value to the market. While the company is in its first year, four games have been developed including, Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons with planned releases in 2018 alongside five new titles coming later next year. To know more about ThunderGryph Games, please visit https://thundergryph.com

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Great post!! Keep going with your good work.
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collector’s edition will have the box sleeved of retail edition? the retail edition box art so amazing !

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[…] 5. Januar um 21:00 CET startet das erste Online Turnier mit Spirits of the Forest. Die Spieler können über den Voice Chat die K.O.-Spiele direkt […]

Cole Feeser

All very exciting news and that collector’s edition of the game looks amazing (even though I’ll likely stick with the deluxe edition). Despite that though I noticed that my comment about the rulebook on the main page for the game (https://thundergryph.com/spirits-of-the-forest/#comment-3846) hasn’t been rectified yet. Hopefully it is handled before the tournament starts which I hope to participate in if I am available!

José Ortega

Hi Cole.

It has already been rectified for printing.