Survival Design Contest Finalists!

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We couldn’t be happier about the results for our first Design Contest! More than 30 great designs and concepts.

We have also been following the creation process behind many of the project and it has been a very interesting ride.

That being said we just want to congratulate and thanks each one of you for taking the time to join the contest. We had to cut down to five games in each category. The process behind it was analyzing the games using the following criteria:

  1. Streamlined (A game that is divided in fast turns but with interesting and engaging gameplay)
  2. Well-tested (Good built rules without loopholes or exploitable mechanics)
  3. Replayability
  4. Originality

Taking all those details into consideration these are our Survival Contest Finalists!

Main Category:

Scions of the Domes
by Gabriel Zang

by Morten & Niklas

Amazon Peril
by Mike Cassie

By Wesley Crandall & Cherie Baker

The Rift
by Brian Compter


by Nicholas Hjelmberg

Haze Islands
by Charles Ward

Savannah by Alexander Lauck and Daniel Theuerkaufer

Everything Except Air
By Caroline Berg

Ice Fortress
by Geek Fever Games

What’s next?

All finalists will be contacted via BGG private message to receive an address to which they must send their prototypes.

If any finalist would like to use TGC to manufacture and send the prototypes to us, they will receive an additional 5€ discount and the shipping costs will be paid by us in full.

And while we wish the finalists good luck, we hope to see all the other amazing designers in our next contest!

That’s it?

Thank you once again for all your incredible support!

Sincerely Yours,
Everybody here at ThunderGryph Games

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Gabriel Zang

Second design contest! I WANT THAT!

Nicholas Hjelmberg

Thank you for the contest. When can the finalists expect to be contacted? I’d like to use TGC for my prototype (Apokalypsis).