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The Tang dynasty was considered the first golden age of the classical and now iconic Chinese gardens. Emperor Xuanzong built the magnificent imperial Garden of the Majestic Clear Lake as an homage of life itself.

Tang Garden is a Zen-like game that will take you to the first golden age of China, where players will progressively build a garden by creating the landscape, placing the scenery and projecting their vision through vertical panoramas. During the construction, noblemen will visit the garden to admire the surroundings and the way the natural elements coexist in the most breathtaking scenery humankind has ever laid their eyes upon.

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During setup, the Emperor is placed in the garden on the starting point , while the emperor card is placed back in the box.


  • Right after the main action, players have the option to move the Emperor figure onto a new available space to earn 2 coins.
  • To move the Emperor there must be an unoccupied Character spot on the last placed Garden tile or the last placed Decoration (Bridge or Pavillion) and it must be in a straight line with the current Emperor position. The spot occupied by the Emperor cannot be occupied by other Characters at the same time.
  • At the end of the game, every character that sees a Dragon on their active landscape will get 3 additional coins.

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