There is an ancient game depicting the tale of how humanity changes from one era to the next.

Two dragons have since dawn of time influenced humanity’s direction. In between eras, they struggle against each other to determine anew which will hold sway over us for the next hundreds of years. One is Tianlong, the sky dragon, the other Dilong, the earth dragon. Both are beholden to the Tao, which itself is manifested through the Ba-Gua.

The Ba-Gua, or “the eight signs”, is the wheel of trigrams, each representing an element formed by a singular combination of two opposites – Yang and Yin, also known as the order and the chaos, spirit and matter, action and reaction, vertical and horizontal, clockwise and conterclockwise, the sky and the earth, the father and the mother of everything.


Man vs Meeple Preview


“I do feel when you compare Tao Long to any number of games in general but specially abstract games it feels different and unique. […] The fact that there is a variable setup is something that you don’t see in a lot of games. If you read the rulebook it easies you into it, you play a normal introductory game which is very basic then you choose one of the most advanced scenarios, then you start using the portals, the flux coin…”


Inside the box you will find the game rules in english, however, we have translated the Tao Long rulebook in six different languages. If you have any question, tweet us @tgryphgames with the hashtag #TaoLong and we will reply promptly!

Tao Long Rulebook - ENTao Long Rulebook - ES
Tao Long Rulebook - DE
Tao Long Rulebook - FRTao Long Rulebook - BR

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Taylor Payton

This Gabe sounds amazing. The roles to myself are pretty clear. Cant wait to back this project


Looks cool. I like the artwork of the board, really likes chinese painting with water colour.
The rulebook is beautiful but I wish that the fonts used in the text were’nt the same font used in the heading and caption. It was a bit dizzy to read the long explanation with that kind of font.

Pedro Latro

We’re already working on finding a better option for that! Thanks for the consideration, Lenny 😀

Kathleen McGaw

Loved the flow of the artwork. I agree on the text sort of all melting together making it difficult to read. Looking forward to backing this game. Also I love 2 person games.


I like it a lot! The flavor and the theme comes through strongly, however I believe there should be some separation between flavor text and rule definitions and that the bold text does not do it enough. Maybe placing the flavor text to the side with some artwork would be a nice touch. Otherwise, I love the feel, reminds me of Tsuro but I can see more complexity to it which is something I always thought Tsuro could use. Look forward to seeing more when the project launches.

Pedro Latro

We are definitely working on that! Rest assured that the fonts will be different, and thanks for the ideas 😀


Beautiful artwork! I will definitely keep an eye out for the kickstarter


Reminds me of Onitama! Excited to try it out.


The game looks great! The art is outstanding and the game play looks intriguing. I cannot wait to back it!


I think the font type used in the rulebook is not appropriate. I think pages like page 10 and 14 need to “break” the “wall” of text with some small pictures or diagrams reinforcing the explanation, like remembering the reader, that may be unfamiliar with the terms, what the Ba-Gua is, for instance. Thanks.

Pedro Latro

I totally agree with you, Amarice! We are definitely working on perfecting the rulebook layout, and changing the fonts and breaking huge text blocks are the next steps to be taken 😀 Thanks for the consideration!


The games coming out of this studio are really promising! Thanks guys!

Charlie Goren

I love the theme and art style.


Wonderful orient influenced art!

Justin Boehm

I love most oriental themed games to begin with but the differences between how each element works are really intriguing!


Looks great, love the artwork. Can’t wait to play this.


Love the art, of course, but I particularly like the direction you’re going by thinking of the whole product right from the beginning. The graceful expression of a game should include the fact that it is no larger than it needs to be, whether on the table or on the shelf.

Pedro Latro

I couldn’t agree more! 😀

Torsten Sammet

Besonders die Grafik gefiel mir als Erstes! Und nachdem ich mir die Regeln durchgelesen habe, bin ich gespannt auf das Spiel.


This game looks great, especially the artwork, which is wonderful and the gameplay is unique. A must have game!

Robert Nel

Absolutely beautiful looking game with clear instructions and game play. Reminded me, in parts, of Tsuro. Looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign

Angela Huang

The art of Tao Long in the game pieces and the rulebook is very appealing and reminiscent of traditional Chinese paintings yet is also modern. I really like the theme and look forward to trying it out soon!


The game looks amazing. Rules are clear. It’s Now on my wishlist. 🙂

Camille Contré-Brion

Sounds like a great game! 😊


I love this beautiful artwork. The rulebook looks good either, but I would try to change the bold style and make course some fat headlines.
The rules themselves are clear and I think I will be a backer, if it’s on KS.

Pedro Latro

It is already being changed! Thanks for the suggestions 😀

Roberto Araiza

Art is amazing as with Overseers, I am liking the oriental theme of the games you are making, I will definitely back this as I did with Overseers

Jim Matt

Under game end, bold “lost its third segment” .

Pedro Latro

Suggestion taken! 😉

Michael Grant

Bottom of page 5, “and the portal tiles enable direct moves from one tile to the other, even if they’re apart on the board.”, the word ‘apart’ has an odd nuance sense here in that all tiles are apart from one another. I suggest rephrasing this “and the portal tiles enable direct movement between any two tiles”.

Pedro Latro

Thanks for pointing that, Michael! Your rephrasing suggestion, however, is not quite precise, as most portals lead to specific twin tiles. The rulebook will probably go with “and the portal tiles enable direct moves from one tile to the other, regardless of their position on the board.”! 😀

Jørgen Aa

Realy like the game so far and imagining that it would be a weary fun adition to every game nightwhile also being simple enough for everybody to pick up and play. The only thing that really bothers me is the font of the rulebook but I see that you already have a couple of coments about that so keep going! Looking forward to seeing more from this game! 😀

Alisson Morales

I love 2 player games, reading The rulebook right now. Congratulations The game looks beautiful.

Alberto Guerrero

I don’t like the font used. It’s good for the narrative texts but a bit confusing for the rules (not a really big problem, but i can see some improvement there). The rest of the rulebook (and the game itself) looks very good 🙂

José Ortega

The rulebook design is a work in progress so you can expect some changes in that regard.


Looks great. Definitely on my radar now. A handful of typos in the components list and several typesetting missteps throughout. I’d be happy to spend an hour marking up your layout in exchange for a copy. 😉


Pedro Latro

Thanks for the suggestion, Aaron! We have only found one typo on the components list, though, on “4 white e 4 black”. Is there any other we’ve missed, or the PDF you’ve seen is the previous, non updated one? 🙂


Like Overseer, the look ans art are amazing. Will you include some references cards?

Pedro Latro

We are still considering it, but the icons on the board and the reference behind the rulebook have seemed to suffice for the playtesters, as the only ones demanding a reference card were those playtesting the game on a previous version of the board that didn’t have icons beside the elements 🙂

K. Lenae

This game looks really great! It’s kind of like a hardcore, “Snake”-like boardgame. The rules are thorough but since there is so much mythos invested into it, I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to create a sort of brief “cheat-sheet” for those first being introduced to the game? I understand and love the beauty and depth you’ve obviously put into this game, but for accessibility’s sake, it might be worth considering? Especially if I’ve stepped away from the game for a bit, I’d love to just have a back page on the rulebook that had something like a key… Read more »

Pedro Latro

Doesn’t the last page of the rulebook already count as that? Take a look at it, that is its purpose 🙂

Florian Kastell

On page 6 the text about the goal shouldn’t be connected to the headline. Just delete the word “To” and start with “Defeat”.

Saying this just by reading the rule book, I’d absolutely love to play the game and it’s different modes.

Pedro Latro

Only “Defeat” comes out as the imperative form of the verb 😛 But I believe “Defeating” is probably the way to go! Thanks for the tip 😀


Everything in the page 13 seems a bit blurry, I have a hard time to wrap my head around it. The system of of lifepoints should be said again before this page or at the start of it, I had to go back and forth quite a bit to really get this page. About the thunder and wind elements, what if I’m already facing the right direction? Like if I’m facing north or south and I must apply thunder, I don’t do anything and play again, right? Because the “halt” action is told to be done for the lake and… Read more »

Pedro Latro

We’re taking a look at that page, some other people commented feeling a bit confused. Thanks for the specific tips, and for bringing up the tipos!

Regarding wind and thunder, you just cannot do their moves if you’re facing the “right” (actually the wrong) direction. This prohibition is mentioned back on the Spirit Phase page.

Thanks a lot, Nekudynn 🙂

Manuel Coutinho

I really like the game design and each element. But I feel that the rulebook could be clearer… I work better with visuals, perhaps some examples could be in order (something like “3-Turn example: the white dragon starts first and choses something; then the black dragon” and with visuals of the board, just so we can feel better acquainted and understand a strategy of moving and whatnot) A page of the rulebook can do this well enough! You’ll probably do a sample play through on the kickstarter page, but the rulebook deserves something like this also. Apart from that, excited… Read more »

Pedro Latro

Thanks a lot, Manuel! We’ll visit these considerations when the final draft time comes, they’ll be very helpful 😀

Eric J Beck

The game looks beautiful and the rulebook is clear. I especially appreciate the summary of the moves on the last page.


The rulebook was easy to understand, but I agree with others that the typeface may be a little difficult to read for some. As to the game itself, I am looking forward to being able to play it. Tao Long is being called an abstract game. I think that label may be a little misrepresentative as it definitely has a theme that is interwoven with its mechanisms. Tao Long is not Draughts or Yinsh, players have a mythology to explain the gameplay, together with beautiful artwork depicting the setting, characters, and terrain pieces. I think it will appeal to people… Read more »


Backed and impatient! 🙂
Hi from France! 🙂


Hi, could you please publish the translated rulebook? I am afraid I do not understand all rules in detail. Thanks to my bad language skills 🙁

Richard Neale

I leapt on this based solely on the strength of your previous Overseers project. The rules for this new game seem clear and concise, though I confess I did have to read the section about absorbing and expelling fire/water a couple of times before the sank in.

Will there be a PnP version of this available for those of us who are too impatient to wait for this to arrive?


– How can I be confident about my extra playmat bought through this site and my Kickstarter Pending pack will be sent together in the same ‘shipping package’?

– How height is that playmayt? full measurements please

Martin Caspari

Hi, we spontaneous felt in love with the game at Essen two days ago and buoyed a copy with the promise that we´ll find the german rulebook on the website… could You please make the download possible for a translated german version?
thanks, Martin


Hi, we also bought the game in Essen. A great Game. But we also can’t find the rulebook in German on this Website. ;-(


And it was also promised to us…


Hi, I have one Question concerning the „The Valley“ Scenario: If I enter the blue portal to exit the red portal, will I have to return both a fire and water stone? The rules say, I have to return a stone to „use“ a portal, but it is not quite clear if exiting via one of them means „using“ them. Thanks!

Pedro Latro

Using means entering, Robert 🙂

Sorry for the confusion!


I looking of the German rulesbook for tao -long. Who can help?


Missing Flux-Coin arrived today. Thanks:-) Carsten/Germany


When will this game start shipping from retailers? I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


I am wanting the deluxe version, is there any chance of getting that? I didn’t see the kickstarter before it closed.

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