Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi

President and founder

Game enthusiast since he was a kid! Foreseer of cutting edge games with a high interest on crowd-funded start-ups and novelties. His consultants and roof-sharers are Blake and Charlie, two very serious cats (until meal time).

Gon is the founder of ThunderGryph Games. He has been developing the business side of the company with a special focus on product development, marketing and art direction.

Cristina Bisi

Business Advisor, Treasurer, Logistics

Cris is one of the pillars of ThunderGryph. She is always caring and convivial as professional and organized. A swiss clock that is much needed in a team of gamers.

She's our treasurer and takes care of the accounts, budget and general planning for everything related to the company logistics.

Daniel Tosco

Head of Graphic Design

His positivism and excitement is contagious for us all. Among all that fascination towards things, he definitely has a preference for take-that games, who could have known!

Daniel is our graphic designer. He prepares all the pre-production files and creates everything we show you.

Erick Tosco

3D Modelling

The real zen-like person in the team! Erick is very proactive and inspiring to work with. He's always eager to learn more about his passion, which is 3D modelling.

Erick creates all the mockups we show in our website and Kickstarter campaigns, and prepares all the files for production. Since Iwari, he has also become our sculptor for game pieces.

Luis González

Customer / Retailers Support

Loyal, responsible and really fun. He’s also an incredible video-gamer. We believe he could easily be an awesome e-sports player, but we are happy that he prefers being part of the team!

Luis manages our customer service, the replacement parts and all of our Twitch streams! He’s also the contact of reference of our retailer shop partners.

Pierpaolo Paoletti

Game Editor and co-CREATIVE DIRECTOR

His strong opinions are always accompanied by kind words. He is the most experienced board gamer in the team. Fun fact: In 2018 he played 1066 matches and tried 151 novelties.

Pier is our game editor and manages playtests and structural changes in the development of our games. He’s also doing game design and art direction for some of the titles we will publish in the future.

Cristina Aguirre

Creative director and copywriter

Cri is creative by nature, both in writing and drawing, with a great eye for game layouts. While she is new to board games, she's learning really fast!

Cri is our Creative director. She works hand in hand with Gon to manage the daily tasks of the creative development. She also does a lot of our creative writing for our worlds and will help us shape the vibe of our upcoming titles.

Veronica Emer

Composer and digital sound

She is a delight to have around, her joy is so contagious! Veronica is a creative soul that loves nature as much as she loves music. Aside from her botanical skills, she’s a music teacher and a composer.

LaEmer creates the soundtracks for our games and trailers and recently she became part of a team that is working on something secret related to Spirits of the Forest.

Paolo Voto


Paolo is a very inspiring illustrator and a very kind and humble person. We believe his patience has no limits… at least for now!

The first title with Paolo's art is Hats, but he is working with us on upcoming titles for 2020 and helping with all the illustrations of our brand.

Brad Taylor

Community manager

Brad is an avid gamer with a kind soul. He has been an ambassador of our company and a very close friend to all of us since we began and now we are excited to welcome him to the team!

Brad is our new community manager. He will manage our social networks and will help us during our Kickstarter campaigns to have a closer communication with you.