For us, making games has always been very rewarding, seeing someone having a good time is just priceless. Some people plays as a reason to gather with friends, to get family closer, or maybe just to unplug after a stressful day. We want to bring games that will make people interact and share a great moment of fun together.

Our aim

  • Create and publish great games for both families or expert board gamers.
  • Distribute games that were only available in non-english languages to bring new gaming experiences worldwide.
  • Bring polished and well tested games to deliver an engaging but streamlined game experience.
  • Make games built to last with the highest quality components we can find while delivering some breathtaking artwork in the process.
  • Deliver a great and secure kickstarter experience with our Money Back Guarantee policy for Kickstarter Backers.
  • Personal attention to our backers and customers. We will always hear you and we will take care of your requests an opinions.

Our story